Tongue Piercing Bar

Tongue Piercing Bar- History and Fashion


Tongue piercing, which is a type of body piercing is done in the center tongue web piercing of the tongue straight barbell surgical steel, and it is very common in the western world after ear and nostrail studs. From a painful ritual in Aztec and Maya culture, the tongue piercing nose twist has now turned into more of a fashion and is becoming more popular body  straight barbell tongue modification day by day.uv tongue

Tongue piercing bar are entered through center of the tongue using surgical tools and are capped with 14mm barbells studs. Now-a-days a large variety of jewelry is available for tongue piercing tongue rings titanium, like barbells straight barbell, studs, retainers and tongue bars tounge ring made up of titanium, steel, Bio-flex and Bio-past. One can always add decorative materials, pictures and add-on like beads to their studs Tongue bars. These bars and studs are available in clear tongue rings wholesale different designs, colors and materials.flex tongue bars

HELLO KITTY Logo Tongue Ring

The most common and the most beautiful stud-bar design is the hello kitty tongue stud, commonly wearable by girls. It is a very cute logo tongue barbell and off-course the best logo designs in fashion till date. Each hello kitty tongue barbell has an 8mm hello kitty picture ball with a unique image inside a waterproof, clear and completely safe acrylic bubble on one end and a 5mm threaded steel ball on other and each piece is made up of 316L stainless steel.

These studs and acrylic tongue bars are not gender specific, you can get tongue piercing bars for men and women both.

Most loved design barbell for men are the bars having a ball with image of a skull with almost the same specifications as hello kitty tongue studs.

The more modern piercing art is wearing a vibe master tongue ring. It is a vibrating tongue ring which consists of a barbell with a vibrator, a battery and tongue rings which are placed vertically to avoid damage to the nervous system.

People add different styles and fashion to their piercing bars to make it better and interesting.

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