Tongue Barbell with 4 Free Scorpion Logo Ball

Venom piercing is the newest piercing in the circuit which has taken piercing enthusiasts by storm. It is basically a pair of piercings done on the tip of the tongue. It can be done either vertically or horizontally depending on which style you choose. It is quite unconventional and called venom because it resembles the fangs of a snake using which it spits the venom. With such an interesting name and look, this piercing has no wonder melted the hearts of the piercing enthusiasts. It is also known as venom bites and double tongue piercing by some. Straight barbells are the best choice for venom piercing.

Piercebody brings to you a wide selection of straight barbells made from various metals and in a mind blowing variety of designs. This particular tongue straight barbell comes with 4 free scorpion logo balls to provide more variety than you ever thought. Made from surgical steel the barbell is completely safe to be inserted into your tongue. With the variety in balls and logo design you can change the balls whenever you like and replace it with another scorpion image. It is easy and stylish. The venom piercing costs around $30-$100 depending on the salon and the piercer. It is advisable to visit a salon with an experienced piercer even if he/she is little more expensive to have a better job done.

Before beginning the piercing procedure, you must discuss clearly with your piercer regarding the gap in between the two perforations. He/she will make you rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash before beginning the procedure. A sterilized needle will be used to make the piercings before inserting the jewelry item inside the perforations. Since, the tongue is a sensitive body part and remains wet throughout the day and night you must take proper care of the piercing during the initial phase of healing.

Your purpose is to keep the mouth clean during this phase and avoid touching your jewelry all the time with dirty hands. Wash and rinse your mouth after every meal and avoid hot and spicy food and even crackers. Cool and cold food will be better for you. Be careful while brushing your teeth otherwise you may hurt your mouth and piercing. It takes around 4-8 weeks for the venom piercing to heal. Enjoy flashing your pierced tongue occasionally to your friends and peers.


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