Tongue Barbell With Jeweled Half Ball

Tongue Barbell with Jeweled Half BallTongue Barbell With Jeweled Half Ball

So you have just managed to get a tongue piercing. It is now time to thread an exquisite item of jewelry through it. How would you stick your tongue out at the world otherwise? This is where the difficulty lies, you just cannot make up your mind amidst such a wide range. From tongue studs, to rings, and barbells, you just cannot stop looking at them nor can you put your finger on one firmly and banish the others from your mind. No worries! You will certainly not face any dilemma when you have to fall back on.

Just log in to the online jewelry store and feast your eyes on the mind boggling array of tongue barbells. You might have heard about the tongue tissue getting infected by a heavy piece of jewelry. You do not have to ponder on the safety factor here though. The tongue barbells here are made of 316 surgical steel, a metal that is widely used for medical purposes. So, it’s Goodbye to infections and hello to decorating your beautiful piercing here. The quiet shine of the metal is not enough though. You get the additional benefit of adorning your tongue with a lovely colored half ball too. The stone is of 7 mm and will sit snugly on your tongue barbell. It is neither too heavy nor will it interfere with chewing. You are welcome to insert it through a new piercing as well. There is 0 risk involved here. Be careful about the healing process though. It is not wise to start unless the piercing on your tongue is fully healed.

The stone that sits pretty on your tongue is sure to attract the attention of all and sundry especially when you begin to speak animatedly within your own select group.  Give the old notion of being rude by sticking out your tongue a makeover and make the act fashionable. You will soon notice your friends fall for it as it is both quirky and fun. Why should you bother piercing your tongue unless you can show it off in style?

Feel free to choose from the spectacular colors. Red, green, blue, or yellow, each half ball has its own appeal and you will find it hard to confine your selection to one. Never mind, it is quite okay to pick up a handful. The price is very cost effective at $0.89 for 3 that gets even less as you increase the quantity.

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