Tongue balls in fancy flower designs

Tongue piercings have gained popularity in recent times. And accordingly, the demand for various tongue jewelries has increased. If you have your tongue pierced, you know how it adds beauty to one of the most improbable places. Generally straight barbells are worn as piercing accessories in tongue. The beads and gems at the end of the barbell remain visible on the upper surface of the tongue. The way to decorate your tongue piercing is to change these beads attached from time to time and that is why we offer a whole range of tongue balls in fancy designs and colors which will add spunk to your look.

We understand how cautious one has to be with the tongue piercing. A regular care and avoidance of any metal which may cause inflammation is a must. Our assortment of UV tongue balls is very safe and provides snug comfort from this aspect. You can be sure that there won’t be any adverse effect on the delicate tongue portion of your body.

What makes these tongue balls stand out is also the funky design that comes with them. The balls have beautiful flowers painted over them in colors which differ from the surface colors. You get them at a size of 1.6x6mm and in colors like pink, lavender and green: beautiful colors that add bright up your mouth every time you laugh. With a tongue ball like this, it is almost like another 5 years reduce from your age.

They are super comfortable and flexible to use. What makes them so popular is the fact that they are made with UV materials. The tongue balls react to the UV balls and hence if you are in a night club or party, you will attract attention all the way.

The affordable price is an appealing factor for most teenagers and others who can’t afford to buy the pricey jewelries. But with a UV tongue ball, you can add a lot of flamboyancy to you look without compromising on the monetary section. You get each ball at as low a price as $0.29.if you buy the balls in multiple numbers, we offer you great discounts too.

Bring out the youthful charm in you by flaunting flexible UV fancy flower tongue ball and see how you become the coveted lady at any party!

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