Titillating Titanium G23 Circular Barbells

Simple yet tempting at the same time, these circular barbells with funky ends make great jewelry for all your body piercings. The 100% safe metal G23 Titanium ensures that your skin does not fall victim to dermatitis or irritation either and you are safe to choose a number of colors to complement your clothes while you go out for a party or date. There may be nothing over the top about it, but the simple ornament emphasizes elegance and taste. Be sure to gift it to your girlfriend or young niece once they are intent on making a style statement via body piercing jewelry.

Perfect the art of seduction by going for titanium circular barbells that highlight all your body piercings in one go. The beautifully anodized barbells can certainly make a difference to your fashion quotient and you can safely stand out in a crowd irrespective of whether you have an earring, nose ring or eyebrow ring in place. Glance at piercebody.com and be rewarded with a spectacular collection of titanium circular barbells that are anodized or the Titanium g23 circular barbells and come in every color of the spectrum. Be sure to ask for G23 titanium when you make the purchase though. It is 100% bio-compatible and can make you look irresistible while your skin continues to glow with health.

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Author: pbblog

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