Titanium Jewelry: What’s Hot and Not in Fashion?

Many people prefer titanium as a metal for making body jewelry because it’s light in weight and has anti-allergic qualities. Low maintenance and gorgeous the titanium pieces are made from G23 high-grade titanium. It is also available with cones and balls. Colored and non-colored varieties are available and you can also choose any one that matches with your outfit.


Advantage of Using Titanium as Fashion Jewelry

Titanium is a healthy metal and these rings are from of titanium to form exquisite body jewelry. Titanium rings are unique and also come in various colors. It is non-hazardous and very sleek and they can regularly wearable without any rust formation. Body piercings made of titanium jewelry are used for lips, eyebrows, ears, tongue and belly buttons.

Titanium jewelries are used all over and admired by women because of its elegance and health benefits. In addition to its healing properties are increasing oxygenated blood to specific areas. These body piercings are one of kind durable jewelry, women all over the world adore.


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Is Titanium Jewelry Safe?

For people suffering from allergy prone skins, it’s safe to use titanium to craft as body jewelry. It takes less time to heal and is also easy to wear because of its weight. Since titanium is anti-rust, you can forget all about it once you have bought and worn it.

Titanium jewelry is made of anodized titanium, which is good on the skin and does not cause any skin problems. These can be used as nose rings, or belly button rings, earrings or you could also use these to pierce your eyebrows.



Titanium Jewelry Collection

Titanium can be used for various purposes. It is mainly used for making jewelry. It makes oneself look stunning and gorgeous. They are even using this to make piercing accessories. The introduction of titanium piercing accessories has revolutionized the piercing world. This has taken it to another level. One can easily get the accessories titanium like rings, barbells, studs and much more, which are safe for the skin.

These titanium jewelry accessories give you an outstanding and exquisite look. These are very glossy and attractive. These are easily available in the market and at affordable rates. This also prevents you from getting any infection.


Types of Titanium Jewelry Collection

Captive Bead Rings

Body piercing, these days, is fast gaining popularity. This body jewelry is available in a variety of materials. However, it’s the titanium captive bead rings which are stylish, flirty and alluring. These titanium captive bead rings come in plenty of different designs to meet all your needs. These titanium captive bead rings have a lustrous surface and hence have a shine to them, which is unique to just these titanium captive bead rings.



Anodized Straight Barbells Body Jewelry

Anodized Straight barbells with quaint balls at its ends make great jewelry. They are absolutely perfect for new piercings simply because these are made with anodized straight barbell steel or titanium. It is also known for their anticorrosive and anti-allergic properties. You might be pleasantly surprised to see that the barbells and balls collection comes in spectacular colors right from solid colors to printed ones

anodized titanium


Labrets Titanium Jewelry

Labrets are also known as lip piercings. It is one of the trendiest and coolest fashion statement to make. However, choosing the perfect labret to suit your face type often involves a lot of confusion and takes up too much of the time. Titanium Labrets are one of the less complicated body accessories to pick from.

Since the Titanium steel labrets are made from G23 grade anodized titanium, these are perfectly safe to use. It doesn’t cause any rashes or problems to your lips since these are also anti-corrosive. Available in a variety of shapes-circular or conic and many designs, you can choose in different colors.



Anodized Curved Barbells

The anodized curved barbell jewelry collection looks not only trendy but is also quite long lasting. Anodized titanium is hard almost like steel and hence lasts long and is low on maintenance. Beautiful, innovative and impressive designs can be found on the anodized body accessories. Its anti-corrosive and biocompatible features are contributing to making these items popular at a rapid pace. If you love colorful jewelry, then anodized titanium curved barbells are the ones for you. These are bright but little subdued in comparison to UV ones so you can have a subtly colorful look. Sparkly, cute and jeweled the anodized items are perfect for parties.

curved barbells

Circular Barbells

Circular barbell is in fashion once again and Piercebody has made it infinitely easy for you to go with the flow. Opt for the traditional 14K gold ones if you like or else take the more adventurous route and show your true colors via excellent quality anodized circular barbells depicting every hue present in the world. You are at liberty to remove the balls from either or both ends and replace them with cones, gems, or crystals of your choice as well. Flaunt your style by adorning your ears, nose, eyebrows, and belly button and earn kudos from one and all.

circular barbells

Segment UV Rings

Segment UV rings are the latest trend in body piercing and are slowly climbing up to the fashion ladder. These are wild segment UV rings design to absorb UV light and react by glowing in the dark and create a wild style statement. It is ideal for party and club hoppers and is suitable gifts for friends and dear one who are into trendy fashion. They come in different colors and appear like rings and attaches into lips, ears, flat abdomen and illuminates one’s persona in the room. It is hygienic and compact in sizes with flexibility and user-friendly.

segment rings

UV Twisted Barbells

Get ready to give your body an unexpected but pleasant UV twisted barbells. Select a range of twisted barbells replete with UV shapes at its ends. Have loads of fun while adorning your body beautiful with red, pink, green, and blue UV straight barbell shapes attached to a glittering twisted barbell. The funky shape is sure to keep you in hot demand for the rest of the year. You will also get to be the heartthrob at every party thanks to the warm and glowing ends of your lip or eyebrow jewelry. So go on, choose the ones you fancy. They are not going to last too long!

uv twisted barbell


Affordable and High-Quality Titanium Jewelry Collection

We design our body jewelry in an economical rate in a superb quality jewel balls. Options available for classic and beautiful jewelry as the way it looks modern or traditional! You can enhance them in a luxury design of each body jewelry.

Capture the blissful and stupendous selections for the newest titanium designs in ear plugs, belly button rings, earrings, eyebrow rings, nose rings, dermal anchors jewelry, tongue bars These body piercing jewelry definitely meets and fits the style with the clear eyebrow personality.

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Our body jewelry store makes it possible in every way, even if you plan to purchase 1 up to 1000 pieces. Piercebody.com makes sure we accommodate the best to everyone. 

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