Titanium G23: The Trusted Metal for Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelries are mostly made using titanium G23 or grade 23 Titanium G23. No matter whether these are twister barbells, straight barbells, labrets or segment rings, dermal anchors or eyebrow barbells, anything made of titanium G23 makes you far less prone to infections and allergic reactions. Owing to their high safety quotient, titanium G23 comes across as the top choice for any kind of body piercings.8mm gold belly


Titanium G23 is implant grade titanium, which implies that it is used for surgical implants. It is resistant to body fluids, is biocompatible, weighs much less than stainless steel, durable and also free of nickel.  It is comfortable to use and without scratches. Though some may argue that it is quite expensive, but it is well worth the price. Not only does titanium G23 jewelry look good but is also suitable for long term wear.  In fact, it is counted among the top three metals favored for body piercing, the other two being stainless steel and gold.


Wondering where to buy titanium G23 body piercing jewelry? Well, there are host of options to choose from. They come in varied shapes and sizes and you will not mind paying a few extra bucks when the metal offers you such durability and safety. The jewelry also comes in vivid colors to match your mood and the occasion. A passive oxide film is offered on titanium grade 23 to make it much thicker than grade 1 titanium which is said to be commercially pure. This film acts as a cover for the metal and grants it the superior corrosion resistance properties.


Titanium has in fact challenged stainless steel in terms of being the most desired metal for creating body piercing jewelry. However, one should also remember the fact that not all varieties of titanium are suitable for use as invasive body jewelry for both men and women.


Though you will find several online retailers offering titanium G23 body piercing jewelry it is necessary that you choose one that is reliable and will offer you the best quality of metal.  Some of them even offer attractive deals so that you can avail the jewelry at best prices. However, do not be lured by attractive offers and make purchases only through a trusted online retailer.


With titanium G23 body piercing jewelry, you will not have to worry about the painful side effects of piercing and you can concentrate solely on the aesthetic aspect.

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