Titanium is in: Buy Titanium labret accessories at low prices

The young people of today look for two things in jewelry. One is the durability of the metal, the other attractiveness. Titanium is one metal that offers both these qualities in abundance. What makes this metal even more popular is the fact that both men and women can wear it in style. This metal can be polished and renewed just like other jewelries made of gold and silver. What’s more, it is light weight. If you are uncomfortable about the baggage that steel jewelry comes with, pot for the sleek titanium labret accessories found in www.piercebody.com and carry it fashionably.

Why titanium:
Titanium is a fairly recent option in piercing accessory section. Named after the Titans, the mythological characters, this metal is great in strength and endurance. Rings were made from titanium accessories initially, next followed other jewelry types like neck-pieces, bracelets and so on. Even though titanium was not considered to be a very viable option for jewelry when it was first discovered; the metal did not take much time in creating a successful market.1mm nose

Titanium labret accessories:
Labret studs are perfect for nose piercings. Because they do not corrode with time, these labret titanium accessories can be worn outside regularly. They are available at various sizes of 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 11mm and 12mm. Because they have a gentle finish, they are not harmful to skin. Hence they can be worn for new piercings.

Features of this jewelry:
There are so many reasons to opt for titanium labret accessories.

  • The labret accessories do not stain; neither do they happen to have splits or nicks. Extremely sturdy and can be worn for long time.
  • Anodized titanium has a certain polish which makes it very attractive and fashionable.
  • Light weight metal, hence comfortable to wear. Even if there are gems or embellishments attached, they carry very little weight.
  • Titanium jewelries are appropriate for men too. In fact lots of men find the sleek and silvery look of this metal perfect.
  • Extremely cost effective compared to other metal jewelries like gold or diamond. In fact, you get these titanium labret accessories for $0.89 per piece. The reason for their affordability is they only need to be honed into a good shape and no extra ingredients are needed.

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