Time to sport a trendy look

If you are one of those who like standing out in the crowd, you ought to wear a bolder fashion statement. To flaunt a different style, you can opt for barbells. Nothing can beat the barbells that alleviate the beauty of your hour-glass figure. Perfect for trendy young teenagers to stylish women, circular barbells can make you stand out.  The circular barbells are just the perfect accessories to accentuate your beauty. Make yourself look like a Diva with the circular barbell that we have in store for you. We have carved out an excellent collection of circular barbells to match your taste and preference. Made out of solid gold, this accessory would surely allure you.

Superior quality product at an affordable price

The circular barbell available in our stock has been crafted with extreme care and precision. Made in solid 14 karat gold of international standard and purity, you can buy our range of exclusive high quality jewels to pamper yourself retail body jewelry or even gift it to one of your stylish loved one. The circular and blunt edge of the barbell makes it easy for you to wear it even when you are wearing it for the very first time.

Great styles and affordable price, you can enjoy different benefits choosing to buy from Pierce Body. All the more, available in all sizes, you will find a host of options when it comes to choosing circular barbells made of gold. We guarantee the solid built of the accessory that makes it resistant to any kind of wear and tear. Most importantly the balls on both sides of wholesale body jewelry the barbell are detachable. This makes it easy for any size chart.

Why wait, just take a grab

Probably the most widespread body jewelry after nose pins and rings, barbells (whether straight or curved, blunt or circular) has been adorning modern body jewelry lovers with grace. It has a unique style of its own. Want to try out different body jewelry? You can opt for circular barbells this festive season. With the stock fast getting over, we have only a few left in our collection to choose from. So why wait? Hurry up if you have already decided to get a piercing done or one of those who already wears one navel ring, it’s time to get yourself pampered by our 14 karat Pure Gold Circular barbell.

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