Swirl Claw set Jeweled Casting Fake Ear Plug

Swirl Claw set Jeweled Casting Fake Ear PlugThere lived a girl who loved piercing her body but could not get it done because her parents never approved of it and also because she was not allowed to wear it to her office. Hence, she remained sad! Do you identify with her story? Are you also sad about not being able to style yourself the way you want? Not anymore. Piecebody has solved your problem by bringing a wide array of fake ear plug for piercing enthusiasts. With the fake earplug you will get rid of the above mentioned problems because you can wear and remove it much easily than an actual ear piercing.

This fabulous swirl claw set jeweled casting fake ear plug is a one of a kind fashion and style element which will bring a smile on your face and also enhance your personal style. This fake ear plug is an answer to all your questions and prayers. The best part about fake ear plug is that you do not need to go under the needle for it and neither you require wearing it permanently. You can remove it on your way to office and wear it back again when you are out of your workplace. In fact, it is the coolest style statement you can make without really running the risk.

Crafted masterfully from 316l surgical steel, this fake ear plug is shaped like a swirl which goes well with formal as well as casual attires. The crystal in it is claw set and is ensured against falling off the ear plug. It comes with a ball and bar setting which is easy to wear and remove and also easy to carry. The item is light in weight and also quite durable in nature with surgical steel body. The stone set in the earring glitters and shines and radiates light wonderfully adding zing to your personality. Its neutral hue enables it to be worn anytime with any kind of dress and other jewelry.

You will become a style icon in your locality in no time and that too without any pain. Fake ear plug is also helpful for people suffering from any medical condition due to which they are unable to pierce their ears. They can wear it and remove it easily without any complication. Piercebody has made life and style so easy for you.

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