Surgical steel Segment rings for any and every piercing

Body piercing is the one trend which has reached its zenith in the last decade.  In fact, it has become an integral part of a makeover. With funky designs and quirky shapes in piercing accessories filling the market, brings to you an exquisite collection which will fulfill your demands for beautiful piercing accessories. It is a guarantee that you will look different in the crowd.
Segment rings are the next new thing in the piercing accessories department. They serve a multipurpose function that is these rings can be worn in ears, eyebrows, naval and as lip piercings. The segment rings are circular barbells which come in small segments that can be fixed to each other. You only need to insert one end of the ring through your piercing and attach it to the other end with a click. When you wear it, it looks as if a hoop is inserted through that particular part of your body. They come in different sizes of 12, 14 and 16 gauges. The ones that are more than 14 gauge in thickness cannot be worn by the individual on his own and would require the guidance of a professional. However the ones with less than 14 gauge thickness can be easily worn by you without any help.
The 316L surgical steel Segment rings of our online store are swiftly flying off the shelves. And why not? They look cool and are really comfortable to wear. Both men and women can settle for these steel segment rings. They are a great alternative for captive bead rings as they give the appearance of a neat and flawless look. Moreover they can be put on with a lot of ease when compared to other forms of piercing accessories. The wearer looks smart and casual-chic at the same time. The steel surface gives off a gentle polish that looks elegant. The medically approved surgical steel ensures that your skin suffers from no infections. You can be well assured that the surface of the ring won’t corrode away soon. Segment rings have a long durability and hence can be worn regularly. The size of a 12 gauge segment ring is 2mm. you can order three pieces minimum.
The price is a pocket friendly $0.96.
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