Surgical steel eyebrow rings: comfortable and safe bet

Who does not know that the punk look is incomplete without that cool eyebrow piercing flashing its way through? Not only is an eyebrow piercing part and parcel of the trendy look, a quirky eyebrow ring can go a long way in highlighting your eyes. No wonder so many of the youngsters are adapting to this eye catching look. Eyebrow rings and accessories are a great way to give your appearance a complete makeover. But then, not many would like to succumb to the trend because it screams out “Bold”. Indeed eyebrow accessories are frowned upon by the conservative dressers but if you are a cool and bohemian soul, you can give two hoots to what people has to say and come over to our online website to have a pick from our awesome collection.
If you have done an eye piercing for the first time, you need to be extremely careful about the accessories you choose. Piercing jewelry goes through a wound and hence the body tissues are in contact with the metal surface. It is very evident that you can’t just wear any material you fancy. In fact it is very dangerous to wear any unsafe material in delicate body parts like earlobe or lips. Steel is a common jewelry material. However wearing any kind of steel material may also not be advisory because some of the alloys contain nickel which is harmful for skin. It can cause skin infections and allergies. This is why ASTM recommends few specific grades of steel which would be perfectly suitable for first time wearers. One of the top quality steel grades is the 316L surgical steel.
The best eyebrow rings for sale from our collection are made of this material. The casted surgical steel eyebrow ring can be used for both eyebrow and ear piercings. The material ensures that your skin be free of any kind of infections. The bar is of 16 gauge and the length is 8mm. The ball part is of 3mm. The charm part is casted so it is even stronger and will last you for a long time. The best part about this kind of accessory is the strength and durability of the material.
They come in fun designs and shapes, creating a huge appeal among teenagers and young.
The price is a pocket friendly $0.94
What are you waiting for? Come and check out our awesome collection of surgical steel and fake eyebrow rings at

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