Sugar skull plugs body jewelry

Body jewelry with sugar skull logo has become a popular trend. The sugar skull jewelry has been inspired from the traditional Mexican treat “sugar skull” that is eaten during the Halloween.

This jewelry is justifiably called scary jewelry because of the presence of the skull logo on it.


Mr.Jack Logo Crystal stone Ear Flesh Tunnel      Burning Skull Flesh Tunnel      Glow In The Dark Tribal Skull Ear Plug

If you are fascinated with the scary sugar skull jewelry then you can find them in abundance in many jewelry stores. The ear piercing jewelry like ear gauges/plugs bearing the sugar skull logo has picked up a lot of fame off late. The youth are crazy about skull plugs.

Not only do ear plugs come with the skull on them but one can easily find skull ear spacer as well. As you would know that an ear spacer is a less noticeable jewelry worn to hide the ear piercing in academic and professional environment, the skull ear spacers add a bit of excitement.


Glow In The Dark Skull Ear Plug       Spiral Hand Painted Skull Ear Expander Body Jewelry         SS Laughing Skull Fake Ear Plug

The sugar skull ear gauges size10 are the most popular ones these days because they are neither very small nor very large.

This body jewelry is scary and cool at the same time with the skull logo available in different bright colors. Some even glow in the dark.

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