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Lip Piercing JewelryThe resurgence of interest in lip piercing is equated with people exploring newer dimensions to self-expression. Drawing inferences from the pro-Columbian culture, youth is also trying out newer types and ways of lip piercings that can be easily carried in style. Tracing popularity, various celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Josh Farro, etc., can actually raise your eyebrows in wonder with their trendy lip piercings. There is always a piercing special deals type of lip piercing to complement your luscious lips.  Read further and find out which one can actually beautify your lips, enhance your lip shape, and complement your lip line.

Monroe: Monroe lip piercing is located where legendary actress Marilyn Monroe had her beauty spot.

Madonna: Madonna lip piercing is named after Madonna’s birthmark. This is on the exact opposite side of Monroe lip piercing.

Angel bites: This is gaining a lot of mileage nowadays. In this style, there will be two piercings on opposite side of your upper lip.

Snakebites: Just like angel bites, these snakebite piercings are easily located on both sides of your lower lip.

Cleft: Cleft is a type of piercing which can be located between the edges of your top lip.

Medusa: Symbolic of an enigmatic personality, this is a top labret piercing which pierce through the middle of your upper lip. Philtrum is also an extension to Medusa Lip Piercing.

Dahlia: This is one of the most exclusive options – chosen a lot by those who demand unique fashion at every cost. The piercings are executed near the crease of your upper lip.

Canine bites: A bit different from other popular types, canine bite piercings can be easily located on your lips.

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