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Rainbow Anodized Labrets with Stone Ball       SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball             SS Jeweled Top Madonna Labret

Body piercing has been the part of fashion since the ancient time, and in this category balls tongue rings, one kind of piercing that is gaining massive popularity is lip piercing. You can see various celebrities as well as movie stars all around who wear the labret studs, balls and other kinds of Lip piercing Lip bar. Slowly and steadily,Titanium nipple rings they’ve turned it into a style statement.Nipple bars

This is the reason why nowadays 10mm labrets lips, most of the girls think about getting a lip piercing done, so that they can also have a glamorous look. Moreover, Anti tragus the lip piercings also convey a feel of being independent and is a mode of self-expression. lip bars


      Micro Setting Jeweled Top Madonna Labret9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled Top  

You can find the different types of lip piercing jewelry in the market and it’s all based on the kind of materials cbr  used in them, there are the titanium, the solid gold, acrylic UV, bio flex or surgical steel ones. Moreover, these piercings are also coming studded with spikes and gemstones. Lip jewelry

Therefore, you get a wide array of options. black lip rings

One of the kinds of lip piercing is labret studs labret pin. It is done just below the lip but above the chin, and is available in various designs like the threaded labret balls or the threaded cones. Then next kind of this jewelry is known as Monroe lip jewelry.
It is done around the upper lip and it’s quite fashionable. layered lip


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