Stunning Stainless Steel Flower Bead Bracelet

Celebrate your femininity in your own personal style. Choose to go with a flower bead bracelet that is offbeat and gorgeous at the same time. Yes, the beaded style has never been out of fashion but you can certainly make a difference by opting for a stainless steel one. Mind you, your wrist jewelry will feature adorable flower beads as well. However, the entire item will be fashioned out of steel and the overall look will be both elegant and chic, attracting attention all the way.

The unique pattern of tiny steel flower beads threaded together in the form of a bracelet is enough to make heads turn. So, go on and get one for yourself while has them displayed on its website. The price of $7.59 is enough to make your jaw drop in disbelief too. Make no mistake in grabbing it while ordering a few more to be used as gifts on appropriate occasions. It serves as a meaningful gift and is sure to please your friends and acquaintances big time as the bracelet will spell out your love and commitment.

The dimension of 22 cm length and 8 com diameter should be a good fit, if you happen to be of average build. You can request the makers for a bigger one of course, if you have difficulty in slipping it through your wrists.

Be sure to include the bracelet every time you get dressed to go out. It is sure to complement your look and dress irrespective of whether you are heading for a formal party or just stepping out to meet your friend over a cup of coffee. Pair it with your old, comfortable pair of jeans or dress up your little black dress, the stainless steel flower bead bracelet has no equal indeed.

You can safely wear it with other jewelry too. Stainless steel happens to be a neutral color much like the precious metals of gold and silver and you can wear them without any worries about it clashing with your attire for the day.

Just take a long, lingering look at the design. The beaded chain looks infinitely delicate and petite while the clasp at one end is chunky enough to go with trouser suit or a plain office dress without any frills. You are also welcome to wear the bracelet in lace of pearls as it is easy to clean and will not get tarnished even if you make it a part of your daily wear.

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