Stunning Features of the Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

Circular barbells are also called as horseshoe shaped barbells. You can get a wide variety of circular barbells ranging from titanium to surgical steel circular barbell.

Surgical steel circular barbells are made out of 316L stainless steel and are then hand polished for further enhanced and complete finishing. While choosing for surgical steel circular barbell, select the ones that have either the internal or external threading. The internal threading is very best for the person with delicate tissues like nipple piercing. You can get different amazing varieties of this circular barbell at relatively reasonable price online. Every single circular barbell made out of surgical steel will suit your needs and budget.




What Makes a Surgical Circular Barbell Popular?

Body piercing is much more popular with teenagers and adults alike. This adds a zing and unique charm to their overall personality. Circular barbells are one among the great piece of curved accessories that looks similar as that of a horseshoe. Circular barbells are commonly utilized for ears piercing, nose, or navel. Some amazing styles of erotic and chic body jewelry come in curved circular barbells.



Safe Circular Barbell Materials

Forget about being straight for once and embrace the wonderful circular shape in form of a circular barbell. Show off your new piercing with pride. Once you insert the hygienic and attractive barbell that glows brightly at its ends thanks to the UV material. The surgical steel along with the bio flex material keeps your skin protected from irritations, allergies, as well as lessons and you, re sure to preen and glow with a newly acquired confidence once you choose the circular barbell for enhancing your style quotient. You have the additional option of spikes and cones instead of balls at either end of the steel barbell, which makes you stand out in a crowd.



Types of Circular Barbells

Give the ordinary and regular look a miss this season! Go for the beautiful circular shaped barbells for your body piercings instead. It is definitely no fun staying on the straight and narrow all the time especially when it comes to body piercing jewelry. It might help you to spare a glance at if you want to check out how captivating the circular barbells can be. Opt for the colorful ones and sport them in your ears, nose and lower lip. They are both safe to wear and easy to insert while being trendy at the same time.


  • UV and Steel

UV and steel circular barbells are durable and stunning. The stainless steel body and acrylic UV glazed barbells are sure to give you the stunning look!


  • Anodized Circular Barbells

Circular barbells anodized are quite easy to remove or put, because of the shape they possess. Moreover, this feature allows individuals carry the same for a longer tenure and use it regularly. The circular barbells are black-line anodized for enhancing the appearance part. They also come with gemstones that are embedded in them. These anodized circular barbells are available in many different distinct colors, enhancing the appearance even more. Spike or ball ends are available.


circular barbell

Circular Barbell Design

Horseshoe rings are body piercing pieces of jewelry which are made of rose gold PVD which involves a delicate process of blasting metal over another metal. The horseshoe rings are circular rings which are made of 316L surgical steel over which rose gold is blasted which gives the product long life and scratch resistance. These horseshoe rings applies in various body parts like eyes, ears and the lips which make it more precious among buyers.
These horseshoe rings are loved by women who love to flaunt their fashion with style. They are very cheap and huge discounts are available and they make perfect necessities for parties and other fashionable events.



Where to Find a Reliable Body Jewelry Shop Online?

Good news for the people who are body jewelry fan, especially who are tongue and eyebrow piercing freaks! Today, Piercebody offers a wide variety of body jewelry in different designs such as spiral, straight, circular barbell jewelry and more!


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