Stunning Ear Piercing Jewelry Designs and Styles

Ear piercing jewelry has been made into an art form and it has a huge line of followers worldwide. Ear piercing is common for men and women to have. It is also a trendsetting fashion statement. Body piercing has been considered a body art form and people all over the world exploit this art form with body piercing jewelry. Ear piercing jewelry also comes in various designs and styles like a tunnel, flesh piercing, ear studs, and flesh studs. It also adds other designs like spiral studs and tunnel expanders. They are all safe for the human skin and are allergic free and rust free. Hence they have a huge demand as ear piercing and loved by men and women globally.

Men and women love to flaunt this ear piercing jewelry because they are cheap, safe and have a long shelf life. It’s also available in artistic designs and colors. In addition, it also has an eye-catching visual appeal.

Fabulous Ear Piercing Jewelry Designs

surgical steel ear piercing jewelry

  1. Surgical Steel Ear Piercing Jewelry

Ear piercing jewelry in steel is the next hit in the piercing world. It is where this new range of surgical steel ear piercing jewelry is used and loved. Either men or women prefer this trendy designs and startling look that it portrays when worn. With the new range of the ear piercing jewelry, it is made up of surgical steel 316L. This entire ear piercing jewelry is in constant demand because it uses for daily wear with cheap prices. Women flaunt them with elegance and attitude and are an eye-catching visual treat for onlookers.

Ear jewelry comes now in complete surgical steel which makes the product shining with durability and longer shelf life. These different ear jewelries are available in various models and shapes. They come in a wide array of variables like flesh plugs, ear plugs, spiral expanders, bullet tunnels and ear studs. They are all made with certified surgical steel which is safe for human wear and tear. It also includes bullets, cylinder plug, screw-fit tunnel; a dragon faced anodized gold and even jeweled plugs.

sterling silver

2. Sterling Silver Ear Piercing Jewelry

Ear piercing jewelry has been made so elegant and simple with this new collection sterling silver. It is shining and visually appealing on all levels and has a huge fan base with its usage and comfort ability. They are suitable for occasional and all time wear and tear. Hence it is formed lovable gifts to dear ones because of the huge discounts available.

Tiny ear studs or long dangling ear rings, silver looks great in any form you may choose to wear. Try out the minuscule colored claw sets or the ones with floral motif when your piercing is new and gradually progress towards the long, dangling, stone engraved ones.

uv ear piercings

3. UV Ear Piercings

Ear piercing has been making a grand fashion statement with the availability of this new range of ear piercing jewelry. Another type of ear piercing jewelry is made of UV materials with neon coloring. They are also available in various shapes like screw fit ear flesh tunnels, jelly ear expanders, ear plugs and tunnels. It is made of high-grade components and has a long shelf life.

These bars have triangular UV balls fitted to both the end of the bars. It also has a visually attractive glow in the dark feature which is a crowd pleaser when worn to clubs, parties, and events. They range in jaw dropping prices with long shelf life and can be suited to casual and formal wear.

These products are suitable for formal and casual wear. Men and women love this ear jewelry because of their modern appeal and futuristic designs and are surprisingly cheap. It turns a lot of heads when worn to events, parties and other occasions.

Cheapest and Most Popular Type of Ear Piercing Jewelry


  • Tragus Ear Piercing in UV

Tragus piercing is a very sensuous process which can be made easy and visually amazing with the launch of this new range of tragus jewelry. It has a spiral gauge with a twist barbell. These are made up of surgical steel to support for healthy skin piercing and have the form of a curved barbell with one end twisted internally into a spiral turn.

tragus ear piercing in uv

Tragus piercing involves piercing the tragus which projects in front of the ear canal. It is usually done with a small gauge piercing needle and includes a small bead ring or small gauge post style jewelry. Barbells, ear studs or bead rings are normally worn as jewelry in this area. The needle used can be straight or curved. Colorful barbells and ear studs give an elegant look for any kind of costume. Though the tragus is a sensitive area, it does not pain much as compared to other sensitive areas like that of tongue or nose. This jewelry is not only fashionable and trendy but is quite safe for use in such delicate areas too.

  • Grid Surface Piercing

Ear piercings have been made using this new array of body piercing jewelry known as grid surface piercing tunnels. They are made of surgical steel and they have a smooth, shining surface. It has no ill effects on the skin during daily wear and tears. They are also suitable for formal and casual dressing styles. These surface piercing plugs have the shape of flesh tunnels with an external screw and the surface has a grid layer. Men and women can flaunt these ear jewels and they are cheap with lasting life and durability. They just elevate the one’s personality when worn in parties and events.

grid surface flesh tunnels

  • Surface Barbell Tunnel Earrings

Ear piercing using surface barbell tunnel earrings are the new trend in body piercing as an art. They are completely made with surgical steel using artistic designs and workmanship. Hence, they have a long shelf life and durability. It has an everlasting shine and clearness which gives this ear jewel a visual appeal and makes it a must buy product. These surface barbell tunnels have a grid design and are available in sizes from 10mm to 12mm. These flesh tunnels elevate the style essence of the people wearing it. They are cheap admirable gifts for friends and family.

ear expanders

  • Ear Expanders

Ear expanders are the latest fashion trend in ear piercing. They have a huge fan following among the younger generation because of the futuristic appeal it gives. They have huge demand and attractiveness when worn to parties, clubs, events and family gatherings. Ear piercing has been made very easy and economical with this new assortment of ear expanders. Men and women love to flaunt the beauty of their ears with these futuristic and stylish ear expanders.

They are available in a variety of wild colors and models like a spiral, tapers, long tail, fish tail and the hollow threaded tunnel. These are all the factors which make them in constant demand with worldwide delivery and can elevate one’s persona when worn. They are available in various sizes and shapes and suitable for daily wear and tear with long product life. These are all made of surgical steel and have no ill effects like itchiness and rashes on the skin and can be used all day and are highly durable. It measures in sizes from 3mm to 14mm and they are compact for carrying anywhere and at low prices with worldwide delivery.

flesh tunnels

  • Flesh Tunnels

Ear piercing flesh tunnels come in a wide range of variety like bullet tunnels, flesh studs, ear studs and spiral expanders. They are completely rust free and have no allergic reactions to the skin and they can be anodized and coated with gold and color and visual appeal is increased because of the artistic designs and world class craftsmanship.

Ear piercing flesh tunnels are the latest and the trendiest ear piercing jewelry. They are made up of surgical steel which is anodized with dark blue color and hence corrosion and rust free. They have lasting shine and product life. These 16mm flesh tunnels are made in various shapes and sizes and they are used for daily usage. They are head turning ear piercing jewelry when worn in parties and other gatherings. Men and women love these dark blue flesh tunnels because of its futuristic designs and attractive prices. They have a constant demand and are visually grand.

magnetic earrings

  • Magnetic Earrings

Ear piercing is an innovative artistic work of creating magnetic body jewelry which is used for body piercing as an art. These magnetic earrings are made of UV materials and appear black in color which makes it unique. It glows in the dark by absorbing light which is a head turner in parties, clubs, and events. These magnetic earrings are an immediate buy for men and women because of its innovative design and cool look. They are in the shape of two individual cones with the magnets in the center and piercing one in the front and another one in the back and they will align to form a cool look.

ear studs

  • Ear Studs

Ear piercing is now very easy and it has been made more visually appealing and attractive by this new set of ear studs. These are in the shape of piercing straight rings with colored stones and gems embedded into them. These ear studs are made of 925 sterling silver and all stones used are of high grade and cut. Ear studs are mainly used by women but now men also have opened up to this form of styling. They are in demand with huge discounts. These studs can be worn on all occasions and suitable for parties and clubs.

ear piercing jewelry

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