Stunning Types and Collections of Ear Jewelries

Ear jewelries are loved by women and even men that have started to explore this fashion. They are suitable for casual and occasional wear and also eye catching when worn to parties, clubs, and events. The ear piercing jewelries increase the beauty of a woman’s nose and make them beautiful. They love to flaunt this ear jewelry because of the varied designs. The easy to use features and the grand appeal portrays by means of adding many colored gems and stones to these straight studs and bent nose studs.

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Stunning Designs of Ear Jewelries


  • Ear Expander

Silicone Rose Jewelries

Shop the latest ear jewelry design in silicone rose ear stud in classic style. Its supremacy, elegance, and pride give the most outstanding shine of ear piercing jewelries. The soft, biocompatible are available in a great range of designs.


 ear expander

Straight Ear Expander

Ear jewelry in various styles and colors are available in almost any market in the world. Ear Expander jewelries were placed inside the ear to block loud sounds and were known as foam plugs. But today, ear jewelry expander is special jewelry pieces like Straight Ear Expander that becomes a symbol of style.

Flower Straight Ear Expander

Flower Straight ear piercing jewelries have bright colors and can look smart and beautiful. There are both single and double flared checkered ear plugs. On the other hand, a flower expander design is popular among women who have a passion for flowers. They are anodized for the protection of the skin texture and the color is impressive and gorgeous.

Dragon Ear Expander

The 10mm dragon stretcher is also known as Black Dragon Spiral Ear Expander. It is one of the best-selling body jewelry this year. The extraordinary ear expander is available in an additionally different style. They are available in different style, a color which is the cream that goes along with the outfits you look for.

ear gauge

  • Ear Gauge

You can always express yourself in different designs of the body piercing jewelry. It is one of the most popular and most extreme expressions that you would have for ear gauging. Every female or a male can try with a single tiny
pierce in their ears. However, inserting the jewel can be a much more different experience. With over 100 styles of ear jewelry to pick from, you can find that perfect style that fits your personality.  Whether it’s single flared or double flared, we can give you a comfort option you can pick from.

  • Ear Tunnel

 Steel Screw Ear Tunnel

The red anodized steel screw ear tunnel is like a 316L Surgical steel screw fit tunnel with an external screw type. The closest we have for the red color is a red star ear tunnel with a black back ground.

  • Flesh Tunnels

We have a great selection of silicone ear flesh tunnels, Star flesh, and steel flesh tunnels to suit in any size and any style along with Star plug on a 9k gold star black background!

ear tunnels Largest Online Body Jewelry Manufacturer


Our body jewelry store provides different styles and gives the large ear gauges an illusion. You can choose the different gorgeous color of the fake ear plug jewelries between black and gold color jeweled fake ear piece of jewelry. carries an extensive unique line of ear jewelries. They have super deals of ear spacers, UV straight ear expander taper. Standard size ear piercing is usually done with an eighteen or twenty gauge needle. The larger the piercing, the lesser the gauge needle number to use.  Ear jewelry is what you would actually use to stretch the hole in your ear to the desired gauge size. They also come in a variety of sizes.


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