Stunning and Affordable Stainless Steel Jewelry

Surgical stainless steel is the most useable metal in making body jewelry because it is dent resistant and also come with cheaper rates than gold and silver jewelry collection. Steel is skin-friendly and anti-allergic which making it automatically the initial choice for piercing jewelry. Also, surgical stainless steel jewelry is low on maintenance which means you can wear and forget about spending any more money on keeping it beautiful and useful.

Body jewelry made from stainless steel is selling real fast these days. Stainless steel collection includes earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and much more. This new range of stainless steel jewelry is made with surgical steel. It gives the product a lasting shine, durability and lasting shelf life and causes no itchiness or rashes on skin during use.

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Body piercing is a major fashion trend in many countries. With the growing knowledge of people about body piercing, it makes stainless steel jewelry lovable. This is a collection that is not only stylish and fashionable but has its own touch of grace as well. These stainless steel jewelry collections also make for good gifting option as it is a very classy choice to make. Since these are resistant to scratches and are not allergic to the skin. It doesn’t cause any harm to the skin, and also affordable, you have no reason to not pamper yourself with this beautiful range of body jewelry.

Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel or surgical steel jewelry items have lots of advantages for the buyers. They look trendy and last longer. It is available at low prices. Hence, people looking for style at an affordable rate can always buy surgical steel ear piercing items as it is also safe on skin. The items are available with various beautiful and funky designs along with precious and semi-precious stones sometimes. Anti-rust and anti-allergic, these are great for style and utility.



Different Types of Stainless Steel Jewelry

  • Stainless Steel Pendants

    surgical steel pendants

Featuring a range of beautifully polished stainless steel pendants that will help you keep stylish. Feel free to slip it on a matching chain and keep your friends enthralled. Go for the epic horror jewelry series or wear a religious symbol. The highlight of the pendants from is their understated style and high quality. You will have no trouble wearing them on a regular basis as the stainless steel pendants contain anti oxidizing agents and are extremely durable. It will take you no time to get ready. Keep wearing your favorite pendant during work or play and pair them with both casuals and formal wear effectively.

  • Stainless Steel Ear Piercing

    surgical steel ear piercing

Stainless steel ear piercings can be the perfect choice to consider if you are looking to buy a stylish, non-irritable and durable piece of jewelry. As the name implies, stainless steel is a high-quality metal. It is used wherein safety and hygiene are of utmost significance. It is best to buy surgical steel body jewelry earrings to avoid any sort of skin infections or skin irritations. You can get wide options in these kinds of earrings. There are amazing designs that available to choose from. The ear piercings come in the form of spirals, flesh tunnels, ear studs, ear plugs, and bullet tunnels, earrings for earlobes, helix and tragus.


  • Surgical Steel Tongue Piercing


You can find innumerable tongue piercings on the market. However, the surgical steel is amongst the best as it prevents you from acquiring any infection. You can easily get it in your desired shape, sizes and designs. It comes in such a good design and shapes that can easily wearable and removable any time you want. These tongue piercings in surgical steel are safe for your skin and one can easily use it anytime. One can wear it as per the occasions as it looks fashionable every time. It is also very common nowadays and you can find people going for it easily.


  • Nipple Piercing in Stainless Steel

    nipple ring

One of the commonly used piercings on nipples is the surgical steel. They look outstanding and have good durability. This stainless steel jewelry lasts long and looks fabulous. They are available in studs, rings, and various other designs. One can easily use these surgical steel nipple piercings as it is skin friendly and hassle-free. The best thing about this surgical steel nipple piercing is that the procedure of the piercing is painless. Some of the women think that nipple piercing can affect breastfeeding, which is not at all true because there are no such cases of it till yet.



Why Do You Opt for a Stainless or Surgical Steel Jewelry Collection?

Body jewelry from surgical steel is becoming very popular lately. It’s because the advantages of being a mild metal on skin without causing any allergies or infections. Our basic stainless steel jewelry collection includes earrings, toe rings, eyebrow rings, twisted barbells, curved barbells, labrets and much more.

Since this jewelry are made from the finest surgical steel and can be roughly used too. These are really durable and scratch proof and dent resistant and easy to use. They are economical and cost effective too. Get stylish and make body fashion statements with this range of basic steel jewelry collection.


surgical steel tongue rings

Common Samples of Stainless Steel Jewelry Designs


Barbells have the shape of dumbbells with balls at both ends, which are from UV materials that makes it appealing with the use of colors as well. They are loved by men and woman and have a wild funky appeal and are economical with multiple uses like piercing on eye brow can also be carried out with this piercing jewelry.


Nipple Rounder

It is time to show off your perfect body and make your fashion statement at the same time. Go for a perfect pair of rounder in steel and feel pleased with yourself. You are not going to be disappointed once you take a look at their enormous variety of jeweled nipple rounder in authentic surgical steel. Anyone can wear it proudly by saying bye-bye to infection and welcome to you magnificent modern piece of jewelry.


Nose Pin

Steel is only next to silver in popularity when it comes to comfortable yet stylish nose piercing items. We all know by this time that surgical steel is a safe metal which is skin friendly and also pocket-friendly. Yes, surgical steel items are typically in the lower price range than gold and silver but no less in style. It is extremely good for sensitive skin as the piercing heals quickly.


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