Stun those around you with the Single Jeweled Belly Banana

Now that you have thought over your decision to get a navel piercing done and taken the plunge, its time to decide on what jewelry you would be wearing once you have got your navel pierced. Single jeweled belly banana is one such option that you have, a piece of jewelry that you can wear right after you have got the piercing done. The single jeweled belly banana has a colored stone fitted on the belly banana. The stone makes the belly banana all the more attractive. You can wear it on special occasions as well as on a regular basis.

Single Jeweled Belly Banana-All about it
The single jeweled belly banana weighs 14g and measures 10mm in size. The belly banana is priced at $0.79. Bulk purchases will help you to get attractive discounts. You can purchase 10-25 pieces for $0.75, 26-50 pieces for $0.71, 51-100 pieces for $0.67 and more than 101 pieces for $0.63. You can also compare the prices of the product with that of others. If you are planning to purchase it later, then you can add the same to your wishlist and buy it whenever convenient. If you have decided to purchase in bulk, you also gift the single jeweled belly banana to your loved ones.

Why Choose the Single Jeweled Belly Banana?
There are host of choices available when it comes to choosing the color of the stone on the single jeweled belly banana.  You can choose from diamond clear, aqua, lavender, pink, dark blue, red, emerald, black and peridot. Made of surgical steel and titanium, this single jeweled belly banana is safe for wear. The chances of a skin infection are negligible. Since these are made of high quality steel, they are absolutely safe for use.
If you are considering purchasing the single jeweled belly banana, then look no further. All you have to do is visit The belly banana will surely match your style and fit into your budget pretty much easily.  Though minimalistic, the design will certainly help you stand out among others. You can team it up with both casual and formal clothes. The single jeweled belly banana will be delivered to your doorstep.
So if you have decided on getting the belly button, then order it now without causing any further delay. Who knows the stocks may not last till the time you order. So order now.

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