Stretched Earlobes: Enhanced Fashion for Ears

Stretched earlobes can make you feel like a style king/queen. However, you should definitely not cross your comfort level while stretching your ear lobes. And more so if you wish to restore the normal size again. There have been cases where one has stretched his/her earlobes to a great extent and suddenly with the rise of a particular situation he/she wants to close it now. This becomes difficult and then there is no guarantee that it will return to its normal shape and size. Ear lobes are cartilage not bones and are also elastic by nature but even then they can only take so much stretch.

One of the most prominent street fashions in the world is earlobe gauging. You will see a large number of young adults and teenagers walking the street with stretched ear lobes. This fashion accessory has spread like wildfire over the past few years. Wherever you are in the world, you will definitely find young people with stretched ear lobes expressing fashion and style in their own way.

Stretched earlobes have almost become the fashion statement of an entire generation. Not just stretched ear lobes with screw fit flesh tunnels but also rings and other accessories paired up with them. This is a bold fashion statement with multiple accessories.

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Stretched Earlobes: Enhanced Fashion for Ears

Another reason to the steady rise in popularity of stretched earlobes is that people are able to get this done safely. Piercing professionals are better equipped with tools that can do the job safely. Also, several DIY kits are available in the market which helps people to do it themselves safely. Therefore, there is a greater choice in terms of jewelry and also in terms of stretching the lobes safely without injury. A number of American and UK celebs have taken to this fashion accessory dearly resulting in their fans copying them.

This fashion has reached far and wide now though earlier stretched earlobes were considered to be a part of rock, punk and hippie fashion. Students and young adults from various walks of life are now finding it interesting and intriguing. Middle-aged men are also reportedly quite into this sort of fashion nowadays. The best part about stretched earlobes is that it can be hidden behind ears if there are strict rules in your school, college or workplace. In that way, you will not be deprived of the accessory and also not run the risk of being caught while breaking rules.


Why Do Stretch Earlobes Popular in the Market?

Piercing and stretching is a part of the body modification movement which aimed at expressing solidarity with other cultures or at expressing individual expression of style. The term Modern Primitives came to associated with these people who love piercing or stretching any part of the body. Not just street style and subcultures, it has successfully become a part of the runways as well. If you are patient enough then you can try stretching your skin gradually with the help of tapers. However, if you want a drastic change then dermal piercing is the thing for you. Whichever it is wearing a flesh tunnel and be a part of the unique expression of style.


Designs and Types of Jewelry for Stretched Earlobes

Ear Stretcher in Mix UV Colors

Are you unhappy with the way your ear looks and are constantly looking for ways to give it a tapered and stretched look? Then try our range of ear stretcher. These are made from the UV material which shines when under the UV light. This comes in UV mix colors and is thus the perfect pair of accessory for all your mix and matched outfits. These are also available at affordable prices and are completely safe on the skin without causing any skin allergies or other problems. The UV cones at the ends really give this a catchy look. The barbell measures 16G.

Ear Expander in Wild Designs

An ear expander is a popular choice to make you give that stretched ear look without any pain at all. These are available in wild quirky designs to bring out the bold side of you. These are more popular in UV material in different funky colors. These UV ear expanders react under the UV light thereby making you the center of attention at any party you go to. These are also available in surgical steel material in different designs ranging from the feminine heart and butterflies to the daring skull designs. With all the variety available, you are sure spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the perfect pair.

No-Pain Stretched Earlobes

Do you want to give your ear a stretched look without having to go through any pain? Then try our range of ear expanders to get that desired stretched earlobes look without much effort. We also have a wide range of ear tunnel and ear plugs to fit your ear perfectly. These are made from UV material and come in neon and transparent colors. Since these are made from UV material, they produce a soft glow under the UV light, bringing out the beauty of the logo which is embossed on it. These are tested to be safe on the skin and come at an affordable price too.

Fake ear stretchers may be you want to try out to look like you’ve stretched earlobes or just fool a few people fake ear plugs.  Piercebody jewelry store has a wide fake stretcher size up to 8mm white fake spirals. This fake UV and steel spiral ear expander just gives an illusion of a large gauge ear piercing illusion plug.


How to Reduce the Stretch?

Whether you wish to reduce the stretch or simply wish to close it, the safest and fastest method is contacting an experienced plastic surgeon to perform surgery and close it. Since a doctor will be attending you, you need not worry. However, it is a  method and you have to be prepared to spend a lump sum. There is another remedy to this problem but it is time-consuming. So, if you have time and are prepared to develop a regular routine, then try it. This is a natural method which involves using essential oils to massage the area.

Regular deep tissue massage with oils like Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Vitamin E oil and avoiding any other kind of jewelry into the hole can reduce the stretch to a smaller size. You need to apply oil twice daily in order to close stretched lobes.

Tips and Warnings:

Remember not to irritate your skin and cause an irreparable damage to it. You can also use lavender and tea tree oil but you have to dilute it before using. It will be wise and more rewarding to massage the inside of the stretch to reduce it in size. It will work faster this way. Finally, it depends on how was it stretched and to what length. If the stretch is not much and it was stretched slowly, then healing should be faster and reducing it will be easier.

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How Does a Tunnel Piercing Create a Stretched Earlobe Look?

Tunnel piercing is a unique kind of piercing wherein a pierced area is allowed to stretch leading to the elaboration of the same. It is attained by utilizing tunnels, plugs or other special jewelry such as expander plugs tunnels anodized. The most common type of stretched earlobe piercing is, of course, the ear piercing.

You can get these plugs and tunnels in different lengths and sizes. Furthermore, for additional beautification, these are now available in lots of designs and colors. These can be made using various materials such as glass, surgical steel and more. The anodized type offers extra lure and shines to the accessory!


Where to Buy a Legit Stretched Earlobe Jewelries

Body piercing creates images of who they are and represents their individuality! Today, most of the people do it as a form of art and decoration for their body!

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