9k Gold Jeweled Coil Flower Straight Nose Stud

 How Can a Straight Nose Stud Enhances Your Look

A simple look that goes by the rules is no longer in vogue. The wild 60s and the tantalizing days of 90s are back again especially when it comes to straight nose stud.

Probably, tattoos start to creep in everywhere but none can beat the appeal of a well placed piercing jewelry either. Take the pierced nose for instance. It doesn’t matter at least whether you have a straight nose stud or a hooked one. A cute upturned button or a snub nose; the studs are going to enhance this feature making you look like a queen. Nose piercing captivates hearts too so consider the pros and cons carefully before making the final selection. You have several criteria to consider here. The material, the look, the skin safety, and the price of course!

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Straight Nose Stud Variety

Jewelry shopping has never been so easy. You can even shop at the dead of the night wearing your pajamas. The casual approach is not going to help you here though. You have to be dead serious while selecting the nose stud that is just apt. The coiled flower in gold sure looks attractive. Look at the description properly in order to check the details. 9K gold happens to be an alloy that contains several metals and may tarnish after a period of time. No worries, you can always polish or refrain from wearing it on a daily basis. Settling for a 9K straight nose stud does not make you a loser in any way. On the contrary, it is going to bring you the satisfaction of buying a durable piece of jewelry that will not break or show scratches easily.

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How To Prevent a Harmful Effect from Straight Nose Stud

Exposure to harsh chemicals and surfaces are okay too unless you really go overboard. However, you do not have to keep it under lock and key or arrange for some form of security measure when you leave it in the house. You are going to be comfortable wearing it both at a party as well as a wedding. The nose stud is good for all occasions.
The best part of purchasing this delightful 9K gold jeweled coil flower straight nose studs shaped as a coil flower is its price of course. You are about to get it for the wholesale rate of $2.99 per piece when you opt for buying 2 at a time.

Nose piercings have been around since ages. Both men and women opt for nose piercings and have done lots of experiments on the simple ones to make them appear more stunning and stylish. The traditional nostril piercings are still in vogue today and women find it beautiful to have their nostrils pierced. However, a lovely and unusual variation to the normal nostril piercing is the high nostril piercing which is done near the bridge of the nose. This is known as high nostril piercing because the position of the piercing is higher than a normal nostril piercing but the alignment is almost the same.

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High Nostril Piercing Embellishment

A high nostril piercing is not painful at all. However, your piercer will use nostril jewelry like a nose pin, a caliper and a receiving tube to pierce your nose. The spot pierced is thicker than other parts of your nose. A caliper uses to bend the jewelry to adapt to your nose and also to the swelling that happens afterwards. The swelling takes place in the inside of the nose and subsides in a few days time. The high nostril piercing is tricky and an experienced piercer does a better job than a novice.
Normally 20 gauge jewelry is used for the high nostril piercing. This 9k gold jeweled coil flower straight nose studs are beautiful specimen of flawless craftsmanship. A gold flower that has a glitter is not composes in other metals. This jewelry item when placed on high nostril will make you look even more beautiful and you can surprise your boyfriend or husband with a new side of yours. The size of the gauge is 22 which is normal and it sits pretty on your nose. However, do not try to change the high nostril jewelry yourself.

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A high nostril piercing will take between 2-6 months to heal completely depending on your immunity and also on how diligently you follow the aftercare routine. Since, the swelling generally takes place inside the nose, use a sea salt spray and do not touch the piercing from inside. If you wish to touch it from outside, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. For an even sexier look, you can combine the high nostril look with a normal nostril piercing or a septum piercing. The high nostril applicable on the left or the right side of the nose according to your preference.

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