Straight Barbells: How to Look Unique and Stylish

Straight barbells are very much ideal for all types of piercing and they usually range from small barbells to large barbells. In the case of straight barbells, you can get this wholesale body jewelry of different types of lengths, shapes, and materials. You can get these straight barbells in all price ranges and also from low to high-quality barbells. Feel great by wearing these charming straight barbells.

People, who consider piercings really trendy and stylish, straight barbells are quite in fashion nowadays. These straight barbells are quite famous for almost all piercings may be nipples, lips, tongue, eyebrow, etc. However, they are most commonly used on the lips. They are equally comfortable for other places. Barbells are quite commonly used in body piercing next to the rings. The most common place where you can see straight barbells is the tongue, eyebrows. The important material that is used in straight barbell is the surgical steel.


Different Varieties of Straight Barbells

stainless steel straight barbells

Stainless Steel Barbells

Opt for the easy to insert and removable stainless steel barbell that also happens to be anti-allergic. It will also keep your sensitive skin free of rashes and infection.  You have the advantage of opting for a straight barbell jewelry that can fit into almost all the piercings that you have in your body. Try out the brilliantly colored ones, bejeweled ones or plain ones. Don’t forget the ones with a wise saying or a logo on them either.

Surgical Steel

316L surgical steel jewelry is perfectly safe to wear too. Opt for the funky, cute, or naughty logos embossed on the barbells and walk tall amongst your friends. They are equally attractive as gifts as well.

Surgical steel straight barbells are made out of 316L stainless steel. Each of the surgical steel straight barbells is made using the high precision machine, completely polished and assures permanence. Surgical steel straight barbells are on the top line in the body piercing jewelry.

These surgical steel barbells will definitely grab the attention of a number of people in the mass and they are completely safe for wearing. They do not cause any sort of allergy. You can get these beautiful surgical steel barbells in a number of different patterns, logos, stones studded on them. This ornament is also made with crystals on special request.


UV Straight Barbells

UV Straight Barbells

Be different by sporting luminous UV straight barbells in your piercings and let the world go with envy.  A spectacular batch of UV barbell jewelry that consists of a straight barbell with colorful ends shaped as balls and cones. Red, blue, green, yellow and every other color in between is available for you and should you want one in pristine white or evil black.

The colors are sure to dazzle you with their allure while the beautiful designs at the end of the barbells are sure to make you go crazy. Not only are they safe and durable but can be extremely interesting too! By their virtue of glowing in the dark especially when you are dancing the night away at a rip-roaring party. Go ahead and collect as many as you one. A single pair is definitely not going to be enough. Have fun by showing off your UV jewelry in every piercing in your body.

Straight Barbells are body jewelry rings with stones at one end are used to pierce the tongue. These are straight Barbells UV which glows in the dark under UV light and they provoke a wild style statement. Straight Barbells UV is more flexible and easy to clean and use. They are cheap and can be used daily.

UV straight barbells are available in a wide collection range with wild colors and are eye catching among the crowd in clubs, pubs, and discotheques. They can be accessorized as body art for dance performances and shows and are used by both men and women all over the globe.

Anodized Straight Barbell


Anodized Straight Barbell

The special fact about these straight anodized barbells is that they come with a unique feature of multi-stone balls. They are also studded with different gems. They are available in different bright colors. People can identify cost effective and trendy barbells on the site. So don’t wait to get the colorful items in stock for your trendiest appearance.

Bio Flex Barbells


Bio Flex Barbells

It is wise to opt for bio flex straight barbells when it comes to sticking out your tongue at the world. Have fun by showing the jewelry off every now and then while your tongue gets the respect it deserves. The barbells are immensely flexible and completely non-corrosive, a property that will have you rooting for it. So, forget infection, allergies, and injuries and look forward to a tongue happy future with colorful, bio flex straight barbells. You are entirely free to let your tongue become the center of all attention at a party too. Simply go for the UV coated barbells and feel it glow in dark, attracting the best of your buddies.


Silver Straight Barbell Jewelry

Silver Straight Barbell Jewelry

Be sure to screw in the shimmering silver jewelry or insert a ring into your piercing to look sophisticated and cool all at once. Sure, they serve brilliantly as party wear but they are equally good for daily wear too. Just treat all the piercings of your body to feel the beauty of sterling silver straight barbell and forget that you are sporting them day in and day out.

Straight Barbells are tongue rings or jewels for the tongue.  These wild straight silver barbells have bold fashion and style statement made by women. They are very healthy and clean jewels and are considered as a body art form. Straight barbells are also made of gold and other metals and are hygienic. They are available with precious stones at one end and are loved by teenage girls and women who love to flaunt this body art to parties, clubs, and events. These jewels also show the freaky and wild side of women, which in turn is loved by men all over the world. These are excellent products for gifting to loved ones and friends.

Straight barbells are also made of gold and other metals and are hygienic. They are available with precious stones at one end and are loved by teenage girls and women who love to flaunt this body art to parties, clubs, and events. These jewels also show the freaky and wild side of women, which in turn is loved by men all over the world. These are excellent products for gifting to loved ones and friends.


Titanium Straight Barbells

Titanium Straight Barbells

The titanium straight barbell is made using anodized titanium, which is mild on your skin. These come in different colors and have sleek designs which make it a must have. They also are very tough and you can use them for really long and need not worry as these are designed to last long. These are also available in circular and comic shapes.


UV and Steel Straight Barbell Jewelry

UV and Steel Straight Barbell Jewelry

Get the best of both worlds by opting for a surgical steel straight barbell with an acrylic UV coating. This body jewelry and can help you up the oomph quotient easily. What sets these apart from the rest of the body jewelry is the way they shine under the UV light. Made from a special type of surgical steel, these are extremely mild on the skin. It also does not cause any itchiness or any skin damage. They are very easy to clean and are hassle-free when it comes to maintenance. These are available in many colors and designs to match any outfit and to suit any body type.

Safety and attraction go hand in hand once you opt for the lovely colors that seem to light you up once you step under LED lights. Ideal for party goers and young people who love to hog the limelight, this UV and Steel Straight barbells come in an array of mind boggling hues, something that you may not even find in a rainbow.


straight barbells

How to Choose Safe and Reliable Straight Barbells

Remember that delicate areas like your eyebrow and tongue do not need to be probed and prodded repeatedly so that you may insert a piece of jewelry through it. The best way to flaunt it in a convincing manner is to opt for the lovely range of straight barbells.



Straight Barbell Jewelry at

Keep it simple for less is more in today’s world! Try out the spectacular collection of straight barbell jewelry from and be delighted with the results. The simple yet elegant barbells are perfect to thread through your tongue, lower lip and belly button without posing any risk to the delicate tissue of the area. You are welcome to try it on your new piercing as well for the material used here is bio-compatible that keeps your skin free of irritation and allergies. The beautiful beads at the ends of each barbell are coated with UV material that makes a great contrast with the plain barbell in between.




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