Sterling Silver Crystal Cross Earring

Sterling Silver Crystal Cross EarringSterling silver earrings have an amazing variety in designs, styles, shapes and sizes and it is one of the most fascinating as well as confusing aspects of buying sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver earrings are accentuated at times with crystals to make them shinier and glittery. The earrings can range from dangling chandeliers to simple hoops to studs. It is not easy to pick and choose the variety that will suit your face. If you really wish to look like a diva you must know which variety, shape and size your facial structure will get along while complementing your dress.

Here are a few tips for you to choose the right kind of earring:

  • If you have an oval face, you can wear any type of silver earrings. Generally every type of earrings go well with an oval face. For the ones with round faces, earrings with geometrical shapes, sharp edges, elongated structure go well because it makes the face look less round. You can also try dangling earrings with pendants. For those who have square faces with strong jaw line, hoops, dangling earrings, gypsy-style stuff are the best. If you have a heart shaped face, short-length earrings, sparkling small ones, studs and cuffs look great.
  • Long dangling earrings are great choices for women having short neck. Long earrings give the impression of longer neck and vice versa.
  • If you have dark eyes, try to wear amber or yellow gemstone studded earrings while the light eyed ones should wear green or blue stone earrings.

Along with these, there are also other factors like your dress, the occasion you will be wearing it for and also the price. Now, about the price part you do not have to worry because piercebody brings this stunning piece of short dangling Sterling Silver Crystal Cross Earring at a reasonable price. It is available in various colors as well. The cross shape has a perfect balance which could go with any dress. The products have smooth finish and glittery crystals to attract lot of attention from the onlookers.

Sterling silver and crystal makes an amazing combination that is unbeaten in style, sophistication and glamour and versatility. After all, nothing can emphasize your elegant hairstyle, glowing skin and gorgeous neckline like a pair of stunning crystal earrings. The best part about crystal earrings is that they can enhance your beauty without making you look boring and complements your dress nicely without being too flashy.

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