Sterling silver belly button rings

Milk White BioFlex base Jeweled Belly Ring

Showing off your silver belly button piercing is a great way to gain the attention and also put an impression on others. Belly piercing is quite glamorous and helps your create a powerful style statement gold belly ring. Therefore, check out the wide range of belly button dream catcher dangling
piercing jewelry at the, where we’ve brought some of the hottest jewelry of 2012 for you.
14 gauge

Check out our simple belly button rings made of anodized surgical steel. They come with a jeweled ball and a banana size of
1.6x10mm. The top jeweled ball is of 5mm size, and these belly button rings are available in various colors to go with your different style demands. Belly Ring star

This is what makes the set of our simple belly button rings great for all occasions and they match all kind of attires while giving you a bold and stylish appearance. dreamcatcher silver


Next in the range are our sparky belly button rings that come in mixed color and 16x10mm size. These rings are available in different color crystal stones of size 9mm.

These crystal stones are available in a variety of colors, therefore, choose the one you like and let their bold look accentuate your style and give you an appearance you’ve always craved for.

Fancy Jeweled Navel Banana  Belly Banana with Pin Wheel UV balls

If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your style then don’t forget to check out the star belly button rings, which will give you an elegant as well as classy look. These 14G belly rings are made of 316L stainless steel with
studded colored crystal or gem to give you that shimmery effect which will raise your style sense and make you stand out in the crowd. The star belly button rings are the perfect choice for the parties and too woo the people
around you.

With the bio compatible material and perfectly stylish body jewelry, you can never go wrong on style.

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