Star Crystal Top Tongue Barbell

SS Tongue Barbell With Star Crystal TopDo you like this star crystal top tongue barbell? It can be yours within a minute. You simply have to buy it from piercebody which offers mind blowing body modification products. This stunning star topped tongue barbell is made of 316l surgical steel which is a safe metal and the size of the star is 7mm. Won’t it be nice to have your personal star at your disposal? Well, you can have this star on your tongue. What more?! The star will not fall off once it is inside your mouth because it is covered with Epoxy. So, you have a twinkling star on your tongue. Do not bite it!

Yes, this is actually quite a common advice which piercers give to their clients. Since, piercing a tongue makes it swollen for a certain period of time, you are at the risk of biting your tongue, so just be careful. Using crushed ice on the piercing will help in the healing and also rinsing your mouth properly. Do not engage in oral sex or deep kissing during the initial phase. Eating actually becomes quite a challenge with a newly pierced tongue. But by following certain instructions you can eat your food without hurting the piercing.

Tighten the bead of the jewelry before and after eating to prevent losing or swallowing that thing. Of course, you must wash your hands before you get them inside your mouth. The movement of chewing food or the food hitting the tongue barbell might loosen the bead and increase its risk of falling off. So, tighten it. Know that you cannot rush with your food during this time. So, eat slowly to avoid cracking or chipping a tooth while chewing. Since, the piercer places a long barbell in the initial phase to provide room for swelling; it might get caught in between your teeth causing chipped teeth. Eating slowly and carefully will help in preventing it.

Only bland and cool foods are allowed during the healing period. Avoid hot, spicy, sticky and crunchy food totally. You can have cold drinks and ice cream to soothe the area and ease off pain. Avoiding metal cutlery will help in minimizing the risk of bacteria attack. Hence, use disposable fork and spoon while eating. Place small morsels and place on the side avoiding the center to prevent any contact between the utensil and the jewelry.

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