Star Crystal Surgical Steel Fake Ear Plug

Star Crystal Surgical Steel Fake Ear PlugDo you get goose bumps while remembering the poem ‘twinkle twinkle little star’? Do you wish to have your own stars with you? Piercebody brings an amazing opportunity to have your own stars on your ears and see and feel them twinkle all the night. These are your own personal stars to make you happy and smile. This extra terrestrial body has a lot of significance for us in our growing years. All of us had counted stars as children and felt happy about it. They cast a spell on us with their hypnotic presence in the night sky alluring us to another world; a world where everything is bright and sunny.

Some people also compare stars with diamonds on the sky as the poem says. Hence, they are precious and valuable. The ear stud offered by piercebody here is the replica of the brightest star on the sky and it can be yours and that too at a reasonable price. The star made from surgical steel is safe for the ears and it lasts for long. Since, this is in the form of a fake ear plug; you won’t have to go through the pain of having your ears pierced. You can enjoy wearing this star crystal surgical steel fake ear plug without actual piercing.a

There are lots of people who wish to look stylish but are afraid of having their ears pierced or may be suffering from medical conditions wherein they are not allowed to undergo piercing needle. This is the best choice for them to experience an ear piercing without actually having a piercing. The bar size of this star ear stud is apt for any ear. The hook holds the earring at place. The best part about having this star is that it is available in various colors. The ear studs are studded with gemstones of various colors and hence you can pick and choose your favorite star from the display.

Now, some of you may have a problem displaying your ear piercing in school or office. Piercing retainers allow you to hide piercings and the transparent ones are practical and unobtrusive. Buy a piercing retainer of the same that of your piercing. If you are unsure about the size consult your piercer. Sterilize the piercing with a relevant solution or with hydrogen peroxide/alcohol before putting it on. Insert the piercing slowly into the hole of your piercing and relax.

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