Stainless Steel Pirates Skull With Sword Pendant

Throw caution to the winds and show off your distinctive collection of pirate jewelry to your friends. They are sure to have their eyes open wide in awe and would give anything to be seen in your company. Sure, the pirates were known to be evil during the medieval ages when the ships crossed the oceans from one end of the world to another. The black or green eye patch along with a collection of skull and bones formed their symbol and there were few but the bravest of men who did not quake with fear at the news of a pirate schooner approaching.

However, all that is passé now and you are not really evil, are you? You do admire the courage and daring of these desperate sea faring men though and sporting a range of their jewelry is akin to a salutation from one brave and fearless guy to another. There is no sign of making light of the law of the land here though.

Look around for interesting pirate items in a jewelry store. The best way to get what you want is to log in to though. You are sure of discovering an entire treasure chest full of vintage pirate jewelry there without having to go through the rigmarole of entering yet another shop once again. While the rings are great, there is simply no match for a pirate pendant that will dangle from the end of a long chain, catching many eyes in the bargain. The skull crafted painstakingly on to the stainless steel pendant is sure to be a hit on Pirate Days and Halloween too and you will be completely justified in grabbing this dangerously beautiful stainless steel pirate’s skull with sword pendant at the first opportunity that you get.

The criss-crossing swords against the macabre skull gleams quietly in the light making the weak hearted ones stare at it with ill concealed fear. Now, isn’t that the perfect opportunity to impress your friends and win over the girl that you had your eyes on for so long?

Stainless steel is a metal that is immensely durable and your skull with sword is going to stay put for years and years with no scratch or blemish disfiguring it. It is exceedingly easy to clean as well and a quick wipe will see you through every time you want to brandish it around.

Look at the rice now! $4.99 only! Isn’t it too good to pass?

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