Stainless Steel Laughing Skull Pendant

A flower, a star, or a variety of beautiful regular shapes are usually the designs you get on pendants that you can keep close to your chest. But what if you want something a bit out of the ordinary? Sure, you can think of entwined figures and complex geometrical patterns but then these may seem to be too tame for your needs. Yes! You covet something that is unusual and commands instant attention. Your pendant must have the power to shock as well since it is you who is going to lead that too from the front.

Floral pieces and other wispy designs are not macho enough for you and you as an alpha male need attention and lots of it. Go ahead, and check the online store at You are sure to come across dark or macabre jewelry that will be just right for your purpose. Now, nothing scares as much as the reminder of death does it. So a skull it is going to be. No, definitely not the one made of bone though! That is taking things too far. gives you a stunning collection of stainless steel skulls fashioned in the form of pendants and you can flaunt it on your body 24X7 without a worry. A laughing skull that comes attached to some gleaming stainless steel beads is definitely going to be perfect for your mood and you can also use it as a totem for the group you lead. The material is as strong as your resolution and you need not worry about subjecting your precious skull pendant to stains and blemishes. The material remains pristine in spite of the rough handling and the evil skull keeps grinning at all and sundry every time you choose to wear it in public.

There is absolutely nothing crass about the design though. The skull looks almost beautiful as it shines with a quiet glow and you are sure to be entranced by it over time, whatever the others think of it. Sure, fashion jewelry comes in a number of colors and you can go for a rainbow colored one too. But think plain and simple and impress the girls big time with confidence oozing out of every pore in your body courtesy the stainless steel laughing skull pendant.

The price is immensely affordable too and you can certainly keep adding to your collection by shelling out $4.99 a piece.

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