SS Tongue Barbell With Square Crystal Top

SS Tongue Barbell With Square Crystal TopVoice your opinion about the world and do be sure to stick out your tongue at it when you do not approve of the corrupt ways of people around. Wait a minute though! Your small gesture is not going to cut any ice unless you choose to it in a different way. What can be more striking than making your objection public via a charming tongue barbell especially one that is adorned with an exquisite epoxy crystal stone atop the barbell?

You do not have to move heaven and earth in order to get the stunning SS tongue barbell with square crystal top for your piercing. You can order it from, an online store that will stun you with their collection. Not only do these gorgeous pieces catch your eye with their smart finish and minimalist look, they happen to be completely safe for the delicate portion of your body that you got pierced a.k.a. the tongue. The size of each is completely in keeping with a tongue piercing and you will not risk any damage to the sensitive tissue or bleed from the piercing even if you thread it through a newly pierced tongue. The length of the barbell is exactly right too and compensates for the swelling that a new piercing is bound to have.

Surgical steel is completely safe and is considered to be the best form of metal for a tongue piercing jewelry. 316 SS is completely body friendly. You will not feel any irritation or experience any allergic reactions once you insert it through your tongue. Now, isn’t that a great piece of news?

Changing your jewelry especially the one on your tongue is of paramount importance too. Be sure to buy a good handful of these tongue barbells with epoxy crystals on top. You are sure to get them in a variety of colors, each one more spectacular than the last. You can rest assured about not losing any of your tongue barbells accidentally as the epoxy cover takes care of that.

Paying $1.25 for three enchanting tongue barbells is a sure bargain though. You get to benefit greatly by opting to buy in bulk. It can come down to $1.00 apiece when you purchase 101 items. So go on and make the most of this great opportunity. You are never going to earn so many kudos except by handing these tempting tongue barbells as gifts.

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