SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball

Dimple or cheek piercing which is very much in vogue now among the youngsters either helps in accentuating one’s natural dimples or helps in creating fake dimples on cheeks. Whatever your reason is, dimple or cheek piercing looks stylish and hot. Some people opt for single cheek piercing while others opt for double cheek piercing. After all having the opportunity to highlight cute dimples is quite a temptation for young ladies. Sport a pout and dimple piercings and you are definitely going to be the style queen in your college for the entire session.

A labret stud is the only choice for cheek or dimple piercing. Piercebody brings a wide selection of stunning labret studs for piercing enthusiasts. This surgical steel labret with epoxy crystal stone ball looks magnificent with its glitter and shine. Due to the epoxy cover, the crystals will never come off thus making this stud the best choice for your cheek piercing. Since the main purpose of this piercing is to highlight the dimples, the crystals will work in perfect tandem with the idea. No matter what your complexion is, this labret stud with crystal stones of different colors will definitely suit you and enhance your beauty.

This body modification process requires an experienced professional piercer who will clean the cheeks and pierce it with a sterilized needle of 14-16g and insert the jewelry. It might hurt a little because the cheek is a fleshy zone and has lots of blood vessels. Little bit of bleeding and swelling will accompany the piercing process which will subside within a few days. It takes 6-12 months to heal completely during which you have to be extremely careful about your lifestyle and habits. It is important to develop good sleeping habits to accelerate healing.

You must avoid alcohol and also be careful while speaking, eating and brushing your teeth. Undue stress might cause severe damage. Rinse your mouth after every meal and refrain from using ointments, make up products and creams. You have to clean the area with seal salt solution and also antibacterial soap to prevent infection. Most importantly, do not touch your piercings often and do not let anyone pull your cheeks. Dimple or cheek piercing generally costs around $50-$60 depending on the salon or parlor, its location and also on the professional. Some also opt for fake cheek piercing jewelry by using glues to add studs or old earrings.

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