SS Anodized Cartilage ‘Clip-On’ Lip Closure Ring

Clip on earrings have always been trendy and easy to buy. They are fashionable with great designs and Piercebody has a long list of clip ons for people who have some problem with pierced ears. The SS anodized cartilage clip on lip closure ring is just perfect for anybody who wishes to have that rocking persona without going through the pain of piercing. Made of 316l surgical steel, the clip on appears in rainbow colors and can be used for ears and also lips. However, if you thought that clip ons are only for your body, think again!
There are other creative ways to use clip on rings to accessorize your ensemble. Whether you are using a new one or an old pair, you can still use them creatively. Clip ons can be amazing hair accessories. They function like bobby pins on your hair do. You simply have to remove the backing from the clip on and place it on the closed end of the bobby pin with the help of hot glue. The thicker the pin, the better the headpiece because of sturdiness. Wear this unique hair accessory often to add a zing to your hairdo.
If you wish to beautify the collar of your dress, the clip on earring is perfect for that. The process of clipping on is pretty simple. You just need to place the clip on your collar on the right side and then follow the mirror lay out for the left. Easy yet stylish the clip on will jazz up your look. Clip on is one of the most versatile body jewelry which can be used in different locations in different capacities. Next idea can be to use it on your scarf.
Your scarf needs a makeover, what better than a clip on? Take a fabulous clip on like the one offered by Piercebody and add the clip on to your scarf for that extra feminine look and feel. You can either use a single clip on or multiple ones for a nicely combined look. If there are old bangles, bracelets or cuffs at home spruce them up a bit by using clip ons. Glue them to the stackable bangles or cuffs and enjoy the sparkling makeover that you have given to your favorite accessories. Adding some clip ons to your clutch purse in the same way will add more style to your ensemble.

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