Square BCR with 14Gx5mm Ball

Among the wide range of ear piercings, rook piercing is the most versatile because it accommodates different types of ear accessories. Whether it is a captive bead ring or curved barbell, straight barbell or hoops, they look great on a pierced rook. It is an inner ridge piercing the point of which is located just above the tragus. So, if you are thinking of getting one, then check out this amazing square BCR with 14Gx5mm ball made of 316l surgical steel. It is an absolute delight and has been made perfect to a ‘T’. In fact, the simple yet stunning presence of the square ring will make you the talk of the town.

To make it sit snugly on your rook, you must find a piercer who knows his/her job thoroughly. Since, this is not a common form of piercing you and the piercer have to be more careful. The piercer will first examine the rook and then your face and personal style before really embarking on the project. The area will be cleaned and marked before inserting a hollow needle to make space for the jewelry. Generally large gauge jewelry is inserted during the initial phase. After it heals you can change it to anything you like.

Rook is again a cartilaginous area and hence requires good amount of time for healing and also requires lot of care and attention. Saline soak with a cotton ball or swab at least thrice a day is mandatory. Tie your hair properly at the back so that it does not get caught in the piercing otherwise it will hurt and may cause jewelry rejection. Change your pillow covers and also avoid using phone for long hours. Do not use cosmetics or hairspray or perfumes. Headphones and plugs must be avoided at any cost. Sleep carefully and avoid your swimming sessions to prevent your piercing from being infected. The area heals within 12-18 months.

If you wish to experiment a little more, go for a double rook piercing. It will be a bit painful but it is worth the effort and time and pain. If you are literally scared of the pain, then opt for faux plugs rook piercing in which you will not have to go through the pain of piercing the area but simply use magnetic studs on the rook. To get this unconventional piercing you have to spend between $35 and $50.

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