Spring Action Steel Fake Body Jewelry Nose Hoop

Spring Action Steel Fake Body Jewelry Nose HoopFake nose rings are a pretty cool fashion statement. Fake hoops can be used for nostril piercings, and also for septum piercings. In fact, pop sensation Rihanna sported a fake septum piercing at her brother’s album launch and she looked stylish in it. Rihanna who is always known for experimental fashion used it brilliantly to show off her style and since then many young girls have demanded to look the same. Apart from the quirky sense of fashion, you can also choose it as an alternative to a pierced nose in case of metal allergy. If you are worried about the sophistication of a fake nose hoop, then be assured that it is not compromised.

The spring action steel fake body jewelry nose hoop offered by Piercebody looks great and is easy to insert and remove. Affordable and durable the product is fantastic and you can continue to wear it for a long period of time. Being made from 316l surgical steel it is safe and the diameter of the hoop is 10mm which fits snugly around your septum and also around the nostril. Wearing it around the nostril will make you look nice and conventional while wearing it around the septum will make you look bold and unconventional. As you can see, you will simply have to activate the spring and pull the detachable part to put it on and remove it the same way. It is without any pain!

If you ask, what the best part about faking jewelry is; the best part is that it doesn’t even look fake. Onlookers will never realize that you are wearing a fake nose studs or nose hoop rings until you tell them. There is another advantage of a fake nose ring. Since it is not a permanent one, you are relieved from thinking whether it matches with your clothes all the time. You can wear it with whichever outfit you consider proper with the nose ring. This is particularly true with hoops because these do not suit all face types and every type of garment. Hence, opting for a faux hoop will make it easier for you to choose your style.

So the fake nose hoop rings are the best alternative for nose jewelry. Available in different designs and styles, they can add a zing to your personality. Whatever is your style, there is a fake nose hoop for you.

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