Spiral piercings in cones- a fun way to jazz up your look

You want to look different. Well, who does not? And when you have a store like Piercebody.com offering you opportunities of having a “different” pick, you should not have second thoughts. We make it our mission to come up with the quirky and fun designs in every kinds of body piercing accessories, be it ear, eyebrow, naval, lip or tongue. You have the circular barbells, the horseshoe barbells, the segment rings, and gold and titanium labrets- basically everything that is trending in the fashionable piercing market. We make sure the jewelries are available in various forms of metals and that they are hygienic and safe. The designs are chic and uber-cool. You will immediately notice a makeover in your whole look.
For now, we would like you to draw your attention towards a gorgeous piece of ear piercing accessory- the spiral piercing in cone. This is made of the clinically approved 316L surgical steel and anodized with titanium labrets. The spiral tongue rings part goes through the piercing while the cones remain visible on the upper surface of the skin. The cones can be screwed and unscrewed. The surgical steel ensures that you develop any skin infections. The anodized titanium ensures strength and durability. Needless to say, this accessory has a long shelf life.
This can be worn in ear and naval piercings with ease. The cones come in attractive colors like black, dark blue, gold and rainbow. The stunning colors will make sure all the eyes stay on you. You can wear them with casual outfits and they won’t look too out of place in formal occasions too. Twisted barbells like this are a huge hit among teenagers and the young who have panache for the bold and the beautiful in their appearance. You can order at least 3 pieces.
The prices at Piecebody.com are always reasonable. Where else can you find surgical steel anodized spiral with cones at only $0.39 per piece? If you buy certain number of this product, you get to have discounts too!
With this product, you get a taste of the cool, the comfortable at the same time and that too at the least expense. Go grab the piece that catches your fancy now! Visit www.piercebody.com to know about the exciting discounts we offer when you buy accessories in bulk.

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