The Unique Pieces of Spiral Expander Ear Jewelry

Spiral expanders are becoming popular for all the right reasons. It’s the safest option available to give your ear a tapered and stretched look. It is by making a clear cut style statement in the same process. This spiral ear expander appears by stretching a healed hole in the ear lobe and finally placing it uniquely. Choosing to stretch your ears gives you a personal responsibility to take proper care of your piercing.

Body piercing becomes a profession for some and an art for some. It is also ultimately a craze and passion for most youngsters across the world. Interestingly, ear stretching spiral expander creates roles for centuries together by primitive people. It includes countries like Africa, Europe and also North America and Europe for various rituals respectively.

Everywhere you turn you can see a female or a male with a single tiny piece in their ears. You can also find that perfect style that fits your personality. Everywhere you turn, you can see a female or a male with a single tiny piece in their ears. It also becomes a perfect style that fits your personality.

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Types of Spiral Expander Jewelries

They are worn with people with great fashion sense. It is skin friendly features give no harm to the body. They can be easily disposed and they can withstand heavy wear and tear on a regular basis. The spiral expander is also cut with precision by our industry expert and designers. All these inputs make this product unique when worn by women.


Surgical Steel Ear Expander

These are made from 316L high polished surgical steel that has an elegant shine. It is sure to draw all the eyeballs at any party you attend. It also has embellished pink stones in small cuts. Also, it can be the same with your dress to bring out the feminine side of you. These are available in different sizes ranging from 3mm to 8mm to help you choose the size that looks best on you.

Wood Ear Piece

These are painted to perfection and are well laminated to make sure that the paint doesn’t peel off with long wear. These are made from natural wood and are available in different sizes varying from 4mm to 12mm to help you make a better choice. Ear expanders are now going green with wooden materials with colors painted on 10mm spiral expander. These are the current trendsetters that are easy to apply. It has cheap rate and with major attraction in parties and events

UV Fake Ear Expander

The spiral ear plug in 12mm Spiral taper is made from UV. Its intricate design features a complex spiral circular barbell 0.8mm, with the final point Spiral Ear Stretchers.  Ear gauges have been around fake spiral for many centuries’ ear barbells and in many parts of the world.

 fancy spiral expander

Spiral Expander Designs

Marijuana Design Ear Spiral Expander

The latest addition to this trend is the spiral expander in wood is the Rasta marijuana. Since it comes from wood, these are polished perfectly so that it’s not harsh on your skin or cause any irritation or allergies.

Marijuana Spiral Expander has an amazing style. brings you the fascinating collection of the ear expander. It carries huge gauge physique jewelry and also jewelry with standard gauges. We feature in a different style. Whether the spiral expander stands to be in special price of the best-selling as well as different materials


Another range of spiral expander comes in bold cheetah colors to bring out the wild side of you. This is from the UV material which makes it react under the UV light and it shines every time it displays to the UV light. This is tested to be safe on the skin and is hypo allergic. This comes in many sizes varying from 3mm to 12mm.


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Reliable Spiral Expander Jewelry Store Online

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