Spinal Belly Rings- The Unique Items in your Jewelry Box

Belly rings and especially spinal belly rings need no introduction. Every woman in every country now knows what a belly ring is and secretly or openly hopes to possess a piece one day. Earlier, only bold women who had an individualistic style thought of having a navel piercing. However, ideas have changed nowadays and women having great body and a wonderful midriff are opting for belly button piercings to sizzle their boyfriends/husbands/lovers. Truly, belly button rings are beautiful, sexy and can be obtained in different styles, designs and metals to suit every woman’s taste. However, there is a special place for silver belly rings in the hearts of women.navel stone

Why Silver?
Silver, either in pure form or with Sterling is one of the most beautiful and skin friendly metals when it comes to navel piercing. The belly button is a soft and sensitive area and one cannot take chances by piercing it with a metal which is prone to causing allergy. Silver as a metal usually does not react with the skin and hence is used to manufacture exquisite spinal belly rings. There is a difference between pure silver and Sterling silver. Pure silver is a soft metal and is mixed with other metals usually copper to make it stronger and more durable. This alloyed variety is known as Sterling Silver which is harder than the pure form and is used more often than pure silver to manufacture jewelry items.
Moreover, silver is cheaper than many other metals which will help you save some money so that you can buy a couple of rings more. The only concern with silver is that small black bits accumulate on the surface of silver over time. However, this is a trivial matter since it can be easily cleaned with some solutions available in the market.

The Uniqueness of Spinal Belly Rings
Spinal belly rings brought to you by piercebody.com are made from pure silver and available in a wide variety of designs. The huge collection at their online store will amaze you. The belly rings are bejeweled at one end with modern and primitive options to choose from. They are also available in the form of charms. Easily wearable, removable, and comfortable, the piercings appear gorgeous. They are generally curved barbells which are easy to wear and can come with danglers if you prefer so. Flowers, hearts, insects, balls and stars are some of the most popular designs.

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