Spike to spike ear plugs to unleash the cool in you!

50 Pieces Different Types of Spike to Spike Fake Ear Plugs with ‘O’ Rings
If you are looking for ways to give your ear a stretched or tapered appearance, fake ear plugs can be one way to go about it. Stretched piercings hurt and many would want to avoid getting their ears scalpelled for real. But with fake ear plugs it is quite easy to don that stretched look and have the desired glamorous effect.
At piercebody.com, you can go insane from having to choose amidst the amazing collection of fake ear plugs. With the increasing demand of this accessory because of its painless way and cheap price, a lot of people have been buying fake ear plugs and it has become a topmost selling item in our website. The visually appealing design and the safe material have elevated the popularity of these plugs to new heights. They come in the shape of twisters. The ends can be detached that is, the plugs can be screwed on and off.
One of the most popular and eye catching items of our collection is the Spike Fake ear plugs with ‘O’ rings. Made from 316L surgical steel, these are extremely comfortable and gentle to wear and ensure no damage to the skin. The material is of top quality. The plug is of 16 gauge which can be donned by someone who wears plugs regularly and also a first time wearer. The size is 1.2x6mm. Available in mixed colors, this accessory is gaining so much attention because of the unisex appeal attached to it. You can buy 50 pieces of this in a pack at the amazingly reasonable price of $9.99. There are packs of 100 pieces available as well. The color combinations will be different in each piece, hence ensuring that you can wear these with as many outfits as possible.
The spike ear plugs spell out “cool” in every way. If you have a friend who is extremely fashion forward and is planning to give his or her ear a different look, you can gift these packs.
For knowing more about products like this and checking out other designs on fake ear plugs, you ca always visit www.piercebody.com

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