Something for your Feet too

This range is unique not only for the material that makes them but also for the type of accessory they are. The indelible mark that the designers leave behind literally transforms these miniscule jewels into pieces of art. Whether it is a riot of colors created through use of red and green, or the smart mix of Silicon and Steel, our range of Foot rings are sure to set your desire on fire. While the splash of colors create a dramatic feel, the straight and stark use of single colors are for the more staid and subtle personas. Affordable and trendy, this exquisite range of jewels for your feet are just the ones that you would want to flaunt as your treasured possessions.strawberry belly

Materials used
These dainty pieces of jewels are made of very high quality silver, steel or silicone that are sure to retain their luster even if you wear them on a daily basis. The metals used are designing the rings are thoroughly tested and you need not worry about any sensitivity or reaction. Although the prices are dirt cheap, the quality is something that we can vouch for. Never before has anyone tried to create such interesting jewels, that too for your feet.Berry chain

Choose from the myriad designs
We have a plethora of varied foot rings in a splurge of colors. The ones crafted out of silicon and silver are the most attractive in terms of the colors used. With neon colors like, green, yellow and orange they are indeed bright and cute. You can also get yourself the hand painted Heart shaped toe rings, if you love the blend of style and simplicity. The range of hand painted strawberry foot rings are also brilliant and designs that is going to sweep you by your feet.

Cute Cartoons to adorn your feet
If you are one of those who would like to have a collection of foot rings for yourself, you are sure to take a pick from our “Cartoon collection”. From classical cartoon figures like Mickey Mouse done in bright colors to the more recent ones like Doraemon, these foot rings are just perfect for the young teenagers. Don’t wait just take your grab!

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