5 Enticing Snug Piercing Jewelry Collections to Enhance Your Look

The common different types of ear piercings are snug piercing jewelry that includes circular cone bells. In addition to this, there are silver and gold snug piercing barbells and bars and steel bar rings. Snug piercing also refers to the procedure involving the creation of snug. Snug is a shallow, thin region of cartilage that makes it suitable to get a piercing jewelry. It is a small spot at the center position of outer ear ring, bit above antitragus


Snug ear piercing allows the piercer to wear a piece of jewelry in the ear. Some also calls it as antihelix piercing. Snug piercing probably heals itself approximately in a time period of eight and ten weeks. The complete healing time of snug piercing is due roughly for a year or a bit more. Snug piercing jewelry composes different sizes and shapes and compromises with different materials. Piercers normally make use of curved titanium barbell that also measures 1.6mm size.

Almost all snug piercing suggests that you have to acquire it from a good professional piercer. Doing at home with not much knowledge is not advisable since it may result in actual body harm. Most of all, it needs to be from professional hand to be sure on its safety.


Snug Piercing Procedure

Pierced to a spot above antitragus and the middle of the outer rim of ear. This is where you can find a stunning and unusual piercing done through inner cartilage. This type of ear piercing is also call as snug piercing. Time for its healing lasts from eight to fourteen months and heals in a year. You can opt for segment rings and curved barbells for your snug piercing.

Distinct collection of piercing jewelry for snug piercing jewelry is available in the market today. Various sizes, shapes and materials that you can pick to match your style. This could also bring new opportunities and modify your appeal. Ensure that your snug piercing looks great with the range of snug piercing jewelry. Snug piercing is on the lower half of ear rim, via the inner cartilage. Circular barbells and ball closure rings consider as the preferable choices for snug piercing. Consequently, it ensures you have the right size ring.

Types of Snug Piercing Jewelry


  • Plasma Gold Curved Barbell

You can wear this curved barbell as snug piercing jewelry for many other piercings, including eyebrow piercing, navel piercing and in specific, lip and ear piercing. This supreme plasma gold curved barbell has PVD coating over an implant grade titanium in order to make it great for initial piercing as well as healed piercings. Curved barbell is proposes for body piercings. This is because a ring could be disruptive and also a straight bar would cause discomfort.

snug piercing jewelry

  • Rose Sterling Silver Circular Barbell

The adorable rose charm is formed from high value 925 sterling silver measuring 5mm. Barbells is especially relevant to fit on the circular that completes from a 316L surgical grade and stainless steel for ensuring safety. This delicate snug piercing jewelry is just right for most piercing types, like ear, cartilage and eyebrow, belly and lip piercings apart from their use for snug piercing.


  • Polished Titanium Ball Closure Ring

This glossy silver ball closure ring is finished in an implant grade and naturally biocompatible titanium forming a perfect option for someone who has already experienced allergic reaction to any other jewelry materials. If you are looking for an eye-catchy yet versatile piece of snug piercing jewelry, then take a look at this wonderful piece of polished titanium BCR that measures 1.2mm. This ball closure ring is regarded as vital in individual design as it is perfect to wear for almost any kind of piercing. BCRs are highly safe as well as sturdy, which makes them a most desired option for all who regularly wears the ring.


  • Colored Titanium Curved Barbell

This exclusive piece of snug piercing jewelry is same as great gift for adoring someone who feels very special to you. Completed in a great quality durable materials therefore this specific piercing jewelry has undergone various tests to assure that it resists scratches and withstand other possible damages.


  • 925 Sterling Silver Sliding Charm Captive Bead Ring

This adoring sterling silver snug piercing jewelry also features with cute snake coiling around the barbell delicately. The best quality charm is intended to move across the barbell offering this classic captive the more required flair. This captive bead ring is a suitable match for any wardrobe or mood.  Captive bead rings are considered as a staple for most type of piercings and work almost in any piercing on the body. Captive bead rings are also the must have for anyone desired to get a body piercing. The barbell sported on this captive bead ring is completed in 316L surgical grade stainless steel and also the charm is made using superior grade sterling silver.


  • 925 Sterling Silver Circular Barbell

This gorgeous piece of circular barbell is perfect for most piercings including eyebrow and cartilage ear piercings. This snug piercing jewelry features cool dragon charm and produces on out of quality sterling silver.


  • Colored Titanium Blue Circular Barbell

This barbell looks circular and also suitable alternative for different types of body piercing jewelry mainly the septum and it is also very simple to wear than any other types of barbells. This titanium blue circular barbell is either measured 1.6mm  and also length up to 10mm, yet sits in the pierced area flawlessly without leading to any sort of discomfort. The titanium material in this snug piercing jewelry brilliantly prevents infections because its design is easy to clean. With this magnificent piece of titanium blue circular barbell, the wearer can able to achieve that preferred effect with body modification right after it is made. It is due to the fact that titanium is the specific material allowed easily in a body area pierced freshly; this barbell is made on it to delight you.

Getting snug piercing done from a piercer with good reputation and right qualification is important. Make sure that the place where you get piercing is the right permits and licenses to run the business. This also offer assurance that the piercing store follows appropriate procedure to perform snug piercing.


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