Smiley Piercing Jewellery

Smiley piercings or upper lip fraenulum piercings are the vogue these days!  This is called “smiley” piercing since the BCR (ball closure ring) you wear in this piercing shows when you smile.  But the cleverness of the location of the piercing is what makes it exotic, it is the quick flash of the jewelry that adds to the concealed beauty factor of this piercing! 

The pain experienced during such piercing is negligible, so you can now gain an extraordinary smile without any pain!  They are available in different designs like rings and barbells bcr titan, but they are mostly small in size keeping in mind their location and the comfort of the wearer. 


Surgical steel Anodized BCR ring | Smiley Piercing Jewelry         316L Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring | Smiley Piercing Jewelry        

If you wish to increase the visibility quotient of your smiley piercing jewelry, then you can even choose to get a smiley tongue piercing!  This shows even when you talk! It adds a sense of adventure to your personality as well as a glint to your smile!


G23 Grade Anodised Titanium Captive bead Ring | Smiley Piercing Jewelry        G23 Grade Titanium Jeweled BCR | Smiley Piercing Jewelry         Triangular BCR with 16Gx4mm ball | Smiley Piercing Jewelry

The piercing heals within a period of a month and it does not require special oral care apart from using a mouthwash post intake of food. In very rare cases are seen, minor tooth and gum irritation and erosion. So gets this exotic smiley piercing jewelry done to add a new shineto your smile!

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