Skin Diver Jewellery

Skin diver jewelry is the new age body art piercing! So look no further! These decorative piercings are easy to put in and add to the beauty and pattern of a tattoo. This is so because it is a single point surface piercing, where only the jeweled top part shows. It has a little flat titanium disc sitting flush with the skin.dermal anchor top 5mm Moreover, it has holes in it to allow the growth of tissue around it.
So this piercing is completely safe and healthy, thereby enabling the piercer to put them in close succession, to give an intricate pattern seen never before!
These are really fast piercing, since they take hardly a minute to be done! Moreover, they heal within a week, causing no pain or irritation!

Grade 23 Solid Titanium Dermal Diver  

Dermal anchors come in sizes of 2.5mm and 3mm diameter. Since skin diver piercing is a type of microdermial piercing, its small size makes it location-friendly, so it can be placed anywhere. These are available in different patterns like stars and bracelets and materials like metal and jewel.

 So make the most of this new age technology of body art piecing and turn every head!

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