Different Nipple Piercing Jewelry Types in an Affordable Prices

Piercing your nipples is a bold move. Hence, it is essential that you make sure it is not infected. In order to avoid this, you can use nipple piercing jewelry. Nipple piercing will help your body look more beautiful and bold. It’s a painless procedure and safe for your skin and importantly for women it doesn’t affect breastfeeding. One can use them on a daily basis without any hesitation.

skeleton hand nipple piercing jewelry

Nipple Piercing Jewelry Types

Nipple piercing jewelry is available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Choosing any one of various designs can get confusing as the skeleton hand lip ring design are really eye-catching.

The shape is going to be fun indeed, its macabre effect notwithstanding. The 14mm gauge is exactly right too. Anything less than that would have the ornament slowly edge out from the piercing! Remember to check the size of both the ball as well as the bar too. The 19mm bar should be good enough to pass through your nipple piercing without the risk of slipping out accidentally. 5mm balls at either end provide the perfect balance and the design of a skeletal hand holding onto your nipples is both quirky and fun.

skeleton hand nipple piercing jewelry

Important Reminders Before Getting a Nipple Piercing Jewelry

You have to ensure that the piercings heal properly and dry before trying to force the jewelry through them. Remember that this sensitive part of your body requires special care and you have to treat the area carefully after getting a piercing. Wash it and learn to clean it according to instruction until it is healed completely. Remember that forcing jewelry into a half healed piercing will only make it worse and you will experience both pain and disappointment eventually.

So, be patient and wait out the 6 to 12 month period necessary for the piercing to heal properly. You can have loads of fun thereafter shopping for nipple piercing jewelry. It might be a great idea to log into Piercebody.com first and check their spectacular array of nipple jewelry. It is best to start off with a straight barbell and ball combo though as it causes less irritation to the pierced area. Just look at this funky skeleton hand lip ring.

Why Do You Need a Skeleton Hand Lip Ring

Yes, the ultimate choice lies with you and it is a shame by others to dictate you when all you want is a bit of excitement and fun in your mundane life. Sure, it will hurt a bit but think of the advantages that you are likely to get once you adorn your skeleton hand lip ring with the best jewelry you can find. You get to right your inverted nipple and make it more attractive and perky at the same time. Your boyfriend will have an excitement at your bold and beautiful look once you have the piercing up with a beautiful piece of jewelry too. It’s definite to increase your sensitivity in turn promises hours of unadulterated pleasure via your quaint nipple piercing jewelry.


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