Single Jewel Banana with Hook

Single Jewel Banana with HookDo you wish to go for medusa piercing but not the same one? Try a vertical medusa commonly known as jestrum piercing. Since, this is a vertical piercing it uses a curved barbell for the ease and also for the effect instead of a labret stud. Since it is a variant of the medusa, you already know that the piercing is done of the upper lip. Two holes are made above and below the upper lip so that the jewelry gets in through the top hole and one end of it comes out of the next one. In a jestrum piercing both the ends of the jewelry can be seen from outside.
It is important to find out a professionally trained piercer for jestrum piercing because any fault in placing the jewelry will make the look asymmetrical and any existing asymmetry will become more prominent. Hence, it is extremely important for your jestrum piercing to be at the center. Piercebody has a great line of curved barbell recommended for jestrum piercing. The one referred to here is a single jewel banana with hook. It looks interesting and also comes off as safe. The ball on one end and the jewel on the other end will both be visible in a jestrum piercing. Made of 316l surgical steel its size is perfect for piercing the upper lip which naturally has lesser space than the lower one.
The aftercare routine for jestrum piercing is considered to be a combination of both oral and lip piercing. Saline soak is important for the piercing thrice a day initially which can be gradually reduced. Moreover, since half of the jewelry is inside the mouth, you must be careful about what you eat. Avoid spicy and hot food and also avoid smoking and drinking. You will have an initial swelling so you can apply crushed ice to help reduce it. Your piercer will provide a larger curved barbell to accommodate the swelling which can be later replaced with something of a perfect size.
Rinsing your mouth with a PH neutral mouthwash is also recommended for the healing of the piercing. Sometimes, you may find that the piercing is sinking into your lip, visit your piercer to solve this problem. Jestrum piercing is a relatively unique piercing; so you can enjoy the appeal that comes with it. once, your piercing has healed try a different barbell to change your look again.

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