Single Flare Plugs

Single Flared Steel Flesh Tunnel   

Single flared plugs are basically flared out at the front only. They are kept in position on the rear side with the help of rubber o-ring and silicone. Single flared plugs are very much comfortable. They are available in various sizes like size 2 gauge plugs are in the maximum demand for old ladies. Wholesale body jewelry plugs are basically a type of ear stretcher and that is why they are available in so many various sizes. It depends on your earlobe that which size will suit you. The smaller gauge size is actually bigger with a wide thickness and larger gauge have a smaller diameter. Size 00 plugs are the thickest as compared to size 10 gauge.

Whenever someone gets piercing done then after that the first one are the size 10 gauge earrings which are preferred…

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Author: pbblog

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