Single Crystal Stone in Bezel Set Ear Gauges Tunnel

Single Crystal Stone In Bezel Set Ear Gauges TunnelStretched earlobes have become a common sight nowadays in the streets. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook are flooded with photos of different types of ear stretching with lovely jewelry items. Celebs as well as common men and women are equally into earlobe stretching because of various reasons. It is becoming more appealing day by day and its increase in popularity has made it a part of mainstream fashion now. Some people have relatively bigger holes stretched out in their ears than others which attract lot of attention. The size really depends on the individual opting to pierce.

Flesh tunnels can be hollow or solid. Both are equally popular and it depends on the taste and choice of an individual which one he/she opts for. The one offered here by piercebody is a hollow one crafted from 316l surgical steel which is the most skin friendly material. Since, it remains inside the skin it is important to wear something that is safe and the surgical steel item scores high on that ground. The best part about this flesh tunnel is that there is a stunning crystal bezel set inside the tunnel. These crystals are available in varied colors for buyers. So, you can buy the one that matches with your favorite dress.

The crystals face jewelry provide glittering finish to the flesh tunnels made from steel which also means the tunnels are durable and less expensive than gold or silver ones and safer as well. These steel tunnels come with internal screw which makes it easy to wear and continue wearing it. These tunnels are also available in a wide range of sizes for different gauges. The size begins from 8mm and continues to 20mm. Piercebody brings so much variety in their products for their customers; where else will you get it?

The choice and safety precautions have improved from what they used to be even a decade back. Hence, more and more people are joining the stretched earlobes bandwagon. In fact, the easy accessibility of DIY kits has increased the interest of people and also their confidence. Hence, they are gradually becoming stretching devotees. The choices have increased in terms of jewelry as well. There is a wide array of products available for stretching these days. Gone are the days when stretching was associated with punks, hippies and the rock crowd; now it has become a part of mainstream culture.

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