Elegant and Affordable Silver Jewelry Collection

Body piercing jewelry which is now considered to be an art form is now famous with this new segment of the sterling silver jewelry collection. These pieces of jewelry are made from silver which has a no harmful effect on the human skin. It also considers being an elite metal and hence having a huge number of users worldwide.

Second, only to gold regarding popularity, silver jewelry looks stylish and elegant. Fit for regular wear and also for parties, occasions, and other events. This silver jewelry collections are light weighted and durable.


Silver Jewelry Collection Designs

Made from sterling which is high-quality silver jewelry; the dangles, plugs, and earrings are also noted for unusual and unique designs. Flowers, fruits, tear drops and other geographical shapes with precious and semi-precious stones. Dangling or fixed on the ear always draws the attention of the onlookers. Silver is a metal which blends well with every skin tone and is safe for different skin types. It is also available at a lower price than gold.



Types of Silver Jewelry


Silver Tongue Art

Tongue piercings are very wild, and a bold fashion statement and it takes patience to get one’s tongue pierced.  The new range of silver tongue barbells piercing is made very safe and comfortable. The silver used is very pure and it has an elite appearance and shine. You can wear it for daily and suitable for parties, clubs and formal functions as well.

This kind of body piercing is a very sensitive process. While piercing the tongue is one of the art forms, it involves patience and artistic work. Tongue bars and barbells are body jewels which belong in silver jewelry collection. It has high durability and has no sensitive reactions to the skin. They are visually appealing when worn by men and women and create a bold and wild fashion statement.

This tongue silver jewelry is cheap and can be a gift to friends and loved ones. It is also suitable for all day wear and can be customized and accessorized with crystal and jewels too.

Men and woman love to flaunt this silver jewelry because it has a wild and funky look. Also, the younger generation loves this new set of silver tongue jewelry. It has also been available with jaw dropping prices and a variety of artistic designs.


Silver Jewelry Earrings

Ear jewelry has always been a must have product for all women.  This silver jewelry earring is made with class craftsmanship with artistic designs. It also has an infinite number of shapes and forms like flesh studs, ear studs, fancy earrings, and dangling earrings. It also has straight studs and curved barbells. All these have a huge liking among the youth crowd and women. They mostly go crazy with this new type of jewelry with the attractive prices and long shelf life.

These silver earrings have different types. There are with crystal beads that have a grand visual appeal. Women love these silver jewelry collection of earrings. They are made of pure silver and they are affordable gifts for all occasions. It also makes a solid statement when worn at weddings and functions.


Stylish Pendant Silver Jewelry

Pendants are stylish silver jewelry that comes in various shapes and figures. It can also be available in any art form. This jewelry is very economical because it uses a silver metal and it goes with formal and casual clothing attires. They are wearable with ease, unlike heavy gold ornaments. This kind of pendant is an excellent gift to express one’s love and can be used as gifts in corporate offices.

These stylish silver pendants are not only a style statement. It also illuminates the presence of the individual wearing it among the crowd. A pendant can express allot with a set of the silver jewelry collection.


  • Silver Crystal Pendant – Beautiful, elegant and one of a kind. It stands for unique classiness and beauty. Crystal silver pendant jewelry adds liveliness to the personality. It is available in the variety of styles, sizes, and designs. It also has exceptional quality and beauty.



Unique Nose Jewelry Collection

Nose silver jewelry enhances the appeal of a woman’s face manifolds. The femininity of a woman accentuates with elegance in her face. It is doubled when she is seen with a nose ring piercing.

Unique nose silver jewelry makes you look gorgeous. It comprises with excellent resistance and incredible designs. This silver jewelry collection is mostly nose studs, rings, hoops and many more unique and personalized designs just for you.

You can find varieties of silver nose pins that made up of silver. You can choose a different range of shapes such as flowers, petals and heart and still more designs. There are also silver nose rings that have colorful gemstones. Some traditional nose rings and studs also make you look different in the crowd.  Have a princess look with this nose silver jewelry.

A woman sporting a nose ring looks so beautiful that she is bound to draw a lot of attention and admiration wherever she goes. The elegant silver nose ring is a piece of jewelry that makes one look distinct in a crowd. Either silver or gold nose rings look beautiful and are extremely feminine because they come with the Asian designs integrated into them.



Silver Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is one of the most special forms of body piercing art. The piercing should be done with care. There are various metals like steel, silver, gold, and titanium that is available for this kind of piercing. All metals use to be medically approved and have high durability.

Authentic silver nipple jewelry piercing is one of the safest elements in piercing jewelry. They can help you decorate your nipples with beautiful silver jewelry for nipples. They engrave combining both modern and classy designs. You can find different silver nipple piercing designs like flowers, balls, colorful stones and much more. Many celebrities have pierced their nipples.

At some point, women have a question in their mind that will it affect breastfeeding? The answer is no; it does not affect lactation. The procedure of piercing is less painful and less time taking. In the fraction of seconds, you can have your nipple get a piercing and make your body look more beautiful.

Nipple rings are now worn by both sexes which depict a wild style in piercing. They are now in demand because of its style and affordability.



Silver Finger Rings

Silver finger rings are attention grabbers with delicate accent and designs. We even have eternity bands, snake rings, armor knuckle rings and slave rings. Also available are customized silver finger ring options in different patterns and designs. We believe in quality than quantity, so we try to deliver the best to you.

Ring defines the beauty of your hand, and Piercebody has heaps of must have rings for you.  From block initials to midi rings to our fabulous vintage collection we have it all. With chunky gemstones to stay subtle with straightforward and slim bands with engraved textures, we have great stuff for you.



Where to Find a Trusted Brand in Silver Jewelry

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Online Shopping

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