Silver Jeweled Love Angel Pendant

Whether it is a Valentine’s Day or not, you will always find the cupid ready with its bow and arrow to strike with love. This gorgeous looking Silver Jeweled Love Angel pendant describes the cupid at his work. What a lovely profession he has to spread love among humans. This is only increased when we recognize it and take up some responsibility on us to spread love. This cute love angel pendant is crafted with lots of love with 925 sterling silver which is of high quality. The charming metal has the right amount of shine and elegance to ignite passion and fill one’s heart with love.925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Love Angel PendantMoreover, this cupid is quite rich with its several white CZ stones studded on its bow and arrow and also on its wings. So, with his blessings you might also get some sparkling gemstones. The hook of the pendant also shaped from the same metal has a CZ stone in the middle twinkling its way into the hearts of people. Wear this beautiful love pendant around your neck and keep your love close to your heart. Keeping the cupid close to your heart will always remind you of the love of your life.

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and prices these days and this time it has appeared in the form of a beautiful and pretty angel. The cupid or the love angel is one of the most enduring motifs in art and jewelry designs. While it always had the same significance, that of love, its description and shape transformed with time and age. The Victorians loved this angel and in many jewelry items of those times, you can find these little angels perched in different forms on lockets, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

The cupid pendant though generally targeted on women can also be worn by men. It is one of the most romantic designs on jewelry inspiring romantic love. In this pendant the love angel has been intricately and meticulously designed by the master designer. The smooth surface and the glossy finish make this love angel pendant a unique item. You can either keep wearing it all the time or take it out on special occasions, the shine will always be there. Wear it to surprise your love or just to keep your beloved in your heart, this pendant enhance your outer as well as inner beauty.

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