Silver Jeweled Dolphin Pendant

Do you love animal motifs on jewelry items? Does the movement of dolphins provide you pleasure? Then this beautiful Silver Jeweled Dolphin Pendant from piercebody can be yours. The dual dolphin pendant made from 925 sterling silver is a beautiful work of art. Considering the beauty of the pendant, you can also buy this as a present for your beloved. The dual dolphin moving playfully with the rhythm of the wave is absolutely stunning and it is also set with high quality white CZs. This makes it a sparkling jewelry accessory which is also quite versatile. Try it out with a long silver chain with fabulous result.

925 Sterling Silver Jeweled Dolphine Pendant

The dolphin motif is one of the most aesthetic motifs which also look smart. Smartness is an inherent quality of dolphins; in fact, they are the smartest among all other sea creatures and also the most loving. Therefore, whenever we behold a dolphin it makes us happy. Therefore, they have inspired generations of jewelry designers to capture them in myriad ways. Dolphins are believed to guide stranded seafarers to dry land and also communicate with them quite intelligently. So, there is every reason that a dolphin will inspire jewelry designers.

Not just their nature but also their graceful shape and movement which has inspired many jewelry designers. It is the way they move around and jump in the water which makes them irresistible to watch. Dolphins are admired because of their smooth and effortless movement on the turbulent waves. Their back flips are quite popular and admirers love to see them again and again. Dolphins also signify carefree nature. Hence, they are most alluring to humans in many ways. Wearing a dolphin pendant will keep you in touch with your carefree side as well.

Unfortunately, some species of dolphins are soon becoming endangered because people are killing them either for sport or for commercial purposes. Celebs like Martin Sheen and Pierce Brosnan have volunteered to the cause of saving dolphins. So, for some wearing a dolphin jewelry might be a statement to support the cause. Wearing dolphin may not directly help in saving the dolphins, but it definitely creates awareness among people for the endangered dolphins. It will definitely remind them of these beautiful and intelligent creatures who spread love and joy to the world.

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